29 Apr 2012

Funding Sunday, The Red Solstice

Hello fellows!
Today its Sunday and its finally time to start with: Funding Sunday EP. 1!

Between a lot of cool projects, I decided to pick The Red Solstice, a tactical co-op indie game in development that is in need of contributors on indieGoGo.
So, let's see what does this game offer:

While the game has its singleplayer mode, the developers want to clearly point out that The Red Solstice is basically made for the multiplayer experience, where 8 people, after having chose one between 8 unique classes, will be battling endless waves of zombies.
Okay, it may seem a generic survival game but, have you guys seen the video?
I guess that it's one of those games that we can't really forget about, even because the programmers as long as the artists have been working on this for already 3.5 years.

Help them getting those $10.000 to let them finally take The Red Solstice developing as a full time job!
Show some love: IndieGoGo funding campaign!


  1. I'm really looking forward to trying this game with someone else, it's hard to find a co-operative game that really, really works!

  2. Join us in open alpha this weekend! :)

    As some would say, finally!