25 Sep 2011

Strongholdz! Daily #4

Heya followers,
Today I'm going to spend some minutes of my life to talk about STRONGHOLDS! but still I'm going to bring these sort of informations as one of my Minecraft dailies. Many of you may already know that in every new generated world there will be only three strongholds, also all of them will appear near your spawnpoint, with "near" I mean that you can actually reach them without wasting hours of your precious life. Of course many of them are underground, that means that you need a tool in order to find them which is this one: Official Minecraftforum thread, and if you are too lazy to click on that link just click on the play button down here ;)

Guess it's time to start:
In the afternoon Dartino said that he had found a stronghold which was not that far from my home, we didn't care about the approaching night, and our journey started. The darkness began to eat us alive when we reached the coordinates, there was nothing out there so we decided to dig all the way down hoping to find it.

After a while we started to think that the stronghold wasn't even there till I found this:

even though the flowing lava caught my eyes I also recognized unusual stone blocks down there, HOORAY! the stronghold was lying there! We went down as fast as we could and started to explore thousand rooms, we encountered even silverfish, it didn't look as deadly as we thought but I anyways killed him before getting a hit.

(yeah, silverfishes look like some dust lol)
We continued to climb stairs, push buttons, fight zombies and skeletons but every damn place of was equal to each other, till we found nothing but a fountain, there were three more ways to explore.

All of them were as scary as this one: (zombie noises coming out of nowere didn't help to keep calm)

In the end, we found it! the last iron door was sitting in front or us right after it there was the dusty library, sadly, we were expecting to find a pretty great treasure in there but there wasn't. There was just a chest with some paper and a few books, but hey, the adventure was anyways worth it!

So this was my daily #4, hope you liked it :)


  1. I love these stronghold, didn't know about the tool, great find :)

  2. awesome! u should reall make this DAILY

  3. Pretty interesting story. I like the way you describe your gameplay:) Wating for next parts:)

  4. what an adventure :) great post!

  5. Looks like a good game. +followed

  6. wow so actually, on new3er versiosn all these fotress dungeons are already laid out for yout o explorE? O.o.... i should check minecraft out again, i left it long ago XD +follow

  7. That's a really useful tool.


    Thanks for the post.

  8. Strongholds?
    I never heard about it before!!

  9. i TOTALLY want to play minecraft