27 Sep 2011

Starcraft, Day 9, and some other thoughts

Today I don't feel like post a new Minecraft daily, in fact yesterday morning I saw one of the most inspiring videos of my entire gaming life. Yea, it's Day9's daily #100, when he spent 2 hours of his life to talk about his personal experience through starcraft.
I mean, beside the fact that having all the support from your family is one of the most important things, whatever you're up to, I learnt that if you really want to do something, you can do it just by practicing.
You just have to keep your goal sticked in your head and go on, even in the worst case ever that may occur.

Talking now, about my Starcraft II life, I decided that I am definitely going to be promoted in gold league (yea, I'm an high rated silver and I'm not proud at all), today I played several games with people fairly better than me, which means that I'm actually somewhat ready to the promotion, but damn, it isn't coming.
Said this, just to introduce an idea that I just got, I'm thinking to open a brand new blog only about my Starcraft II games, thoughts, rages (a lot of them :P) and so on.
Not because I'm sure that someone will follow it, but mainly because I really like to write down my real feelings, that makes me feel better, i guess
Will think about it :)


  1. Keeping a journal of replays, thoughts during games, and a place to share some strats to get feedback would definitely be a blog.

    Good luck.

  2. Damn, good luck with the promotion. And yea venting is always good

  3. I'm not much of a Starcraft fan (I just played the campaigns and that's it), but I sure did enjoy those games. Can't wait for the new release!

    Good luck with being promoted in Gold League. Being a high rated Silver member and you're NOT proud? Now that's selfish :P

  4. Why don't you write them here? I'll sure read them. And SC2 isnt completely out of this blogs theme?

  5. well, i explained in one of my first posts why my blog's name is actually "SHOULD be indie" because i was planning to talk also my personal experience in sc2, diablo 3 as it comes out and whatever im going to try ;)

  6. One of the videogames of the year no doubt about that.

  7. I've seen the #100 Daily, and I can say that it's changed my life for sure. Seeing Sean talk about his passion like that made me stop being embarrassed about playing videogames, and now I share it with everyone I meet, and if someone doesn't like that then they're not worth it to me XD