24 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas

Hey guys!
I just want to wish you the best christmas you can imagine!
It's too early to wish you also a happy new year, I'm planning to make a new post about Nitronic Rush, we'll see. I'm sorry but lately I've been really busy with my mathemathics exam which I failed on the 23rd, lol, whatever, things will get better and I'll start to bring up more posts like I used to do :D.

And once again, thank you, followers, readers, random visitors I love you all <3

18 Dec 2011

Fight together against SOPA

Hello guys, today I'm coming up with a quite unusual post but absolutely needed.
SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), is an american bill introduced for the first time on October 26, 2011 which is under review right when you're reading this.
Its main aim is to protect copyright owners by blocking every site that may contain or already contains such material, if you're not following the events you could actually accept this, that's why I'm here to tell in this short post why SOPA has to be stopped.

If you are an american internet user then read this:

In some time you may not be able to use sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and many others, or you could just partially be able to browse them. As you all should know, 80% of the videos stored on Youtube include something that break some kind of copyright. Also, can you really imagine Twitter or Facebook without most of the links that get posted daily by your friends? I personally can't. Even Google will be forced to check every result that provides, ending up by deleting almost every single link. But, hey! you may be someone that is making money out of internet with your site that talks about a game that you obviously don't own any single right, well, you're out of business.

If you live outside the US here's why you should be worried:

You maybe forget that most of the sites but also users that you follow are americans, well, we won't be able to see them anymore. Plus, our site won't be open to one of the largest internet using country, yes, I'm talking to you all, bloggers, webmasters, youtube professional (and non) casters. Remember, you are breaking copyrights just by posting even a single screenshot of your favourite game in one of the thousand pages that you may have on your website.

Do you really want to give to the USA government the rights to censor the biggest innovation that we achieved from the beginning of the human being?
Do you really want to undermine the security online by changing the basic structure of the Internet?

What can we do?

Bloggers, administrators and whoever, please, write even a short article saying why SOPA shall not pass, even if you think that this may not affect your personal business, do it in english or even in your mother tongue but, JUST DO IT!. Spread this through facebook, twitter or any other social network, especially the europeans, it seems that the world is not completely aware of this potential disaster. USA government MUST KNOW THAT THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST THIS! If everyone does this, Google will be instantly full, for a thousand of pages, of us, the real internet users that express their possible last will through the threatened web.

~ sincerely, an internet user.

If you would like to know something more in particular then check this out:

12 Dec 2011

Indie gaming music, or just C418

Ok guys, haven't slept this night, I just probably have too many ideas/troubles that keep me totally awake without even making me tired, ew except this headache. Anyways let's get this post started!
While I was trying to sleep listening to some chilling music I realized that, my personal blog should contain everything I enjoy, including definitely underground music that comes out of indie games but not only, don't know if you have already read my other music related post.

Today! or if I have to be more precise this early morning I really have to throw down some lines about C418. Many of you may already know this guy from the Minecraft OST, and if you don't, well he's the mind behind every single track that you would hear playing the game.
Probably, what you're missing, is that he's almost continuously feeding his discography which is already huge enough to consider him as a real artist that should really deserve to be a musician for the rest of his life without even worrying about getting a job.
So, please, head over c418.org and start to understand what I always like to say: "the ones who really deserve something are those who get less". True story.

Just because I know how are you, I've also decided to put here a few tracks from his store, be sure to listen them.

The last one is actually from his major ambiental, drum & bass release, called 72 Minutes of Fame, hope you liked this unusual post, even because I'm really going to make more content regarding these authors. Peace!

9 Dec 2011

The darkness of: Limbo

Couldn't resist a hour more to talk about Limbo, so there we go!
Yesterday I was browsing Steam's indie games section, when I was about to close it I decided to look for one last game that sounded interesting, right after that, I came across Limbo's page. Its trailer explains it all, Limbo was, without any doubt, a game that I had to buy. Tried it, and now, I MUST write something about it.

About Playdead

Playdead is an indie game developing team composed by 15 danish guys. Well, they will be 16 very soon since they are looking for any sort of developer to permanently work with them. I guess that their recent 1.000.000 downloads hit made them think that they could easily offer another place in order to create a new game also better than this.

Why should you really buy and try it?

First of all, because it costs just 9,99€, other than that, because Limbo has seriously one of the most original content I've ever seen in indie games. It has some great creepy setting, gorgeous visual art and balanced puzzling components that don't ruin the gameplay not even for a while. Playdead did an amazing job with the creation of this 2D puzzle adventure, not by coincidence it won  two awards at the last Indie Game Festival.
I just got some initial problems by resolving the first puzzles, finding your way through deep lakes and deadly circumstances may not look clear at the beginning of your journey.

And now let's leave the usual link list and end this up, GOTTA FINISH THE GAME.

Official site: http://limbogame.org/
Email (if you want to show some love to them): fan@playdead.com

6 Dec 2011

Legend of Grimrock, right after a week of beta

Hello guys!
I'm just back with some other interesting news regarding Legend of Grimrock, and his new chapter of life, the beta testing. Just in case that someone doesn't know, it means that the game is basically done, and the developers, four finnish guys, are just testing every feature out in order to release it as soon as possible. But let's go on with the usual steps of knowledge.

What about the developers?

The game is entirely developed by Almost Human Ltd, an indipendent game developer team. It has been founded in the early 2011 and Legend of Grimrock is going to be their first game as a team. As you may see from their blog they don't like to talk about themselves, I can only leave here their facebook page and the official website.


And now the game in itself

Legend of Grimrock is a role playing game focused on dungeon exploring, more in general a "dungeon crawl game". They feel like modern RPGs have lost some of the old game tactics an timing, in addition, they will also add some puzzle components, hoping to give a completely new taste to this old game genre.
Anyways, your mission is to guide these four prisoners through the 15 designed levels, yeah, at the first sight this reminded me of those old Final Fantasies with one exception, the fights are not based on turns, here's what do they answer when this issue comes up: "We feel that real time works better with the game we are making. It goes well with the atmosphere of the game since the player can be surprised by creeping monsters and the mood of the combat is more intense. Timing is an essential tactical element and our puzzles also benefit from working in real time. Real time gameplay also helps us differentiate from a number of other dungeon crawl games that have been released over the years."

Well, I'm just sure that this game will be seriously a big hit of the new year, or at least I hope for them, these developers deserve all the best that the indie community can provide.
If you have any questions left I suggest you to immediately check their FAQ section. 
Have a good day! :D

30 Nov 2011

_ensnare_ - Impeccable Micro

It's still me bringing you a new exciting update, or at least interesting for the many of you I hope. As a supporter of indie games I have to definitely support also indie music, of course some of the readers may already know that, a game, must have some great 8 bit music to definitely catch me in, isn't it? Music, especially if it has to be a soundtrack, plays an important role along with the gameplay, anyways, today I really want to talk about _ensnare_ and aspecially his brand new album called "Impeccable Micro".

One of its tracks will be featured on the full documentary of Team Liquid which is a pretty famous team of Starcraft II, that, drove me into the entire album of this guy. Yesterday morning I bought it from his blog for only 3 bucks but, after having listened to songs such as "Top Five Control", "Stacked", "Sprite Rip" I realized that I could've give him way more.

So, I really suggest you to give it a try, find him on blogger: ensnare8bit,  Soundcloud: ensnare's soundcloud.

And I leave you here Team Liquid's teaser where you can listen to 39 seconds of "Top Five Control":

24 Nov 2011

Some Waves!

Hello there dear followers,
I finally found some time tonight to share with you one of the latest realeases in the indie world, I'm talking about WAVES, an unusual game, simple but incredibly addicting.

Well, as you can see from the video above here, you just have to shoot at those strange balls in order to stay alive and obtain more points. I personally tried it out and I have to admit that even if it may look boring from the trailer, its five game modes keep the challenge completely up at anytime.

More about "Squid in a box"

Squid in a box is a project of indie games developig kept all together by Rob Hale, everything is made by him except from the awesome logo and the stunning music. Even if Waves is his very first stable game released (actually you can buy it on Steam at the price of 6,79 €), it's already clear that this guy will go far, isn't it?
Also, you can't miss the incredible soundtrack which is seriously something special, I recommend you all to check the artist right now here: Smiletron's homepage, theres actually a lot of his work downloadable for free there.

Weren't we talking about Waves?

We are! the five game modes are the following:
  • 3 minutes to get the highest score you can in Crunch Time – Perfect for boiling an egg.
  • Level up and defeat the fearsome Cubes to extend your time in Rush.
  • 3 Lives and more baddies than you can eat but watch out for ambushes in Survival.
  • Bombing Run is all about the Boom. No guns but lots and lots of Boom. BOOM!
  • Challenge puts your skills to the test with 20 levels and only 30 seconds each – Try and 5-Star them all.
Anyways, you can find everything you need to get starter here: http://www.squidinabox.com/.

You guys can't really miss this!

19 Nov 2011

100 Followers, what did I miss?

I just realized that Should Be Indie reached 100 followers, I really can't find the right words to describe this feeling. Thank you all guys, from now on I'll put way more effort in the work I'm doing here. I'm absolutely in need of some ideas to keep this blog as enterataining as it is, because, well, I still don't find a good way to talk about games from a real gamer prospective and I'm not here just to bring up news that many of you already knows.
So, please, if you have any good idea, tell me down here with a comment, or talk directly with me on facebook or twitter. I love you all <3


17 Nov 2011


Hey y'all,
There is nothing better than this boring afternoon to talk a bit about IndieCity, a project that I found some days ago.
Here it is: http://www.indiecity.com/

Basically this is going to be, as the developers said, the definitive home of indie-gamers, developers and whoever is into this scene.  This mean that in the next future we may find everything we need on a single site instead of wandering around the web.

Should we call this innovation or, copying already existent communities like Steam?
I believe that, at this moment nobody can tell us. I can only think how hard could be for all those admins that eventually will see every single user of their forum migrate to IndieCity :°( (HOW SAD!)

What do you think about this? is it going to hurt the balance among the indie developers?

11 Nov 2011

Pineapple Smash Crew!

What's up guys?
The time feels right to share some informations about this game, in my opinion one of the best indie games that are going to be released soon. Once again I found this, by randomly browsing IGF trailer submits, though, I immediately realized that this game deserved an entire post here, I mean, the trailer is soooo chatchy ;) and actually here it is:

But, basically, what's that?
It's the first large project made by Rich Edwards, also known as, RichMakeGames who decided to add a completely new feel to a top down blast-em-up gameplay. You have to guide a squad composed by four pineapples (I believe :P) through the exploration of apparently abandoned starships. Unfortunately you will face aliens, zombies, monsters and whatsoever by using also some of your brain instead of keep shooting like an usual game would need.

Why do I already love PSC?
As you may already know, music catches my attention more than images, and this time it actually took me totally in!
Also, did you see how smooth does the gameplay seem? this would be definitely a great game to fill some of those boring moments that everyone has from time to time.

But, as usual, the release date isn't announced and if you're not one of those lucky guys that tried it at "Eurogamer expo" at the end of this september, you will have to wait for something playable from the beginning of the next year.

You can find more about Rich Edwards here: http://www.richmakegame.com/

5 Nov 2011

MINECON, right after the corner!

Hey all!
Today I realized that I still never talked about the major indie-related event, as you can see above, I'm going to spend a couple of minutes talking about Minecon!
It will take place in Las Vegas on the 18th and 19th of November, and, could you imagine that all the available tickets were sold already 2 weeks ago? every damn fan of Minecraft will be there, well not everyone, I'll be following it from here hoping to find a place where it will get streamed. Let's say that every fan that has money and spare time would be there :P.

Friday, November 18th
10 a.m. Game Room and Exhibit Hall Open
1 - 3 p.m. Keynote Address and Minecraft Launch with Notch
4 - 6:30 p.m. Breakout classes on your favorite Minecraft subjects
7 - 10 p.m. Miners' Party
11pm - 2 a.m. Diamond Party (Over 21)

Saturday, November 19th
10 a.m. Game Room and Exhibit Hall Open
10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Breakout classes on your favorite Minecraft subjects 4 - 6:00 p.m. Closing Ceremony Celebration 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. Diamond Party (Over 21)

Now that I've seen this, I just want to know what's that Diamond party, too bad, I'm 20 (I'll never know Q_Q).
Though, I'm afraid that I'm making this post just because I really wanted to be there, yeah, that's absolutely because of that.
Let me just end this up by saying that, if there will be a streaming up, I'm so going to make a fully detailed post about Minecon, remember that people think that they will finally announce the end of the eternal beta!

4 Nov 2011

Facebook page!

Yo guys,
Finally I was able to create a facebook page, so please, like Should Be Indie, there will be a little banner right beneath twitter's one here on the upper right corner of the homepage so check it ;)

This was made in order to have a real chance to create a strong and active community, who knows, it may happen. SPREAD THE WORD!

30 Oct 2011

Time for some Lone Survivor

Hey hey!
Tomorrow as you (hopefully :P) all know it's Halloween, have fun whatever are you going to do!
Just because of this, I thought that there wasn't a better time to talk about a non-released indie game: Lone Survivor, another game that was recently submitted to IGF (which is still Indie Games Festival, like I already said).

Some more informations
Well this is a game under developement created by Jasper Byrne under the alias of superflatgames, it's 2D survival horror, where you have to face zombies, hide in dark corners, find some other guys still alive and so on. Have you ever played Fall Out? this is basically the same, just developed by only a dude, great, isn't it?

Unfortunately there isn't a playable demo or anything, we can only stare at the trailer keeping an eye on the release date.

His youtube channel

(you should check also the other games he made, this guy has some revolutionary ideas)

So! this pre-halloween update just ended, as usual, let me know what do you think about this, the blog and anything else I could improve to make "Should Be Indie" better :D Cya!

24 Oct 2011

The Iconosclasts

Hi there!
Today I feel like talking a little bit about "The Iconoclasts", a game that I found by randomly surfing on the net.

What is it?
Basically, it's an adventure-platformer game developed by a guy named Konjak, also, the game has been officially submitted to IGF (Indipendent Games Festival), we will see what will happen.
Of course Konjak prepared a stunning trailer that shows all the incredible potential that The Iconoclasts has:

But this is not enough! Konjak on his website has released a playable demo absolutely for free! I decided to write something about this right after I played for a while.

More about the storyline
You are Robin, a mechanic, just as her father used to be, but here's the problem! in the world where she lives, that profession is strictly forbidden. The game should help you to discover why, by crossing forests and deserts and facing the level bosses (personally I had some problems while defeating the first one, can't imagine how complicated are the other ones :P).

I really suggest you all to give it a try, this game involves some new features that makes the gameplay totally different from the other common platformers, The Iconoclasts is MORE DYNAMIC, MORE CHALLENGING and DIFFERENT from the others.
Plus, I damn loved the artwork, everything looks where it is supposed to be be, from the colours of the environment to Robin's movements, now, I'm just waiting for the full release ;).

21 Oct 2011

Mojang's Scrolls

Hello dear followers!
It's 3 am here and I'm not tired at all, so, I asked myself: "why don't I post what I was planning to write tomorrow?".

What's Scrolls

Scrolls is a new indie game under developement by Mojang, yep the Minecraft ones.
As they say, Scrolls is going to have a total new and unique gameplay based on fighting your opponent using powerful magical scrolls. Basically, we are going to get a card videogame!
Actually, everything is still misterious and I personally can't even imagine how would it look like.
On the other hand, the game should have a pretty long and interesting storyline set in some ancient imaginary world or, at least, this is what I can guess by browsing the official homepage.

What do you expect after you read that?

If you're old enough:

If you're not:

Being one of the "oldie" ones, I started to feel like to play like I used to do when I was, well, from 10 to 16 I guess. This can only mean one thing: all those nostalgic trading cards' gamers will finally get a chance to feel a little younger, which is the greatest strenght of this game.

Few unanswered questions

We know that this game is under developement since a long time ago right? then why don't they reveal anything? I mean, something like a trailer or just a short gameplay video.
Have you noticed that you can simply sign up for the alpha testing by writing your email in the bottom of the official website? well, does this mean that everyone is going to get his copy of the alpha version? who knows huh.

Personal thoughts

I really can't wait to try it, I hope that I'm not overrating it too much.
Also, I just got an idea on how should the game evolve, I mean, it shouldn't be a static game after the final realease, they should add from time to time new cards in order to make everything more dynamic.

By now, this, is basically the only thing we have about the upcoming game:

So, what do you think guys, is this going to be a failure or just another epic hit for Mojang?
Cheers :D

19 Oct 2011

A small and joyful update :D

So guys, as you may know, during the week I'm far away from home because I decided to attend the university courses in Udine, but!
Today, in my little flat where I live with a couple of friends, just came a real good friend of mine, INTERNET!
This means that, from the next week, I'll be able to produce more content and be more active in here :D
By now I'm just writing from a friend's notebook, I will personally bring my damn old PC in here this Sunday, just can't wait anymore!

Don't know why am I writing this, I can only say that I am sooo excited! And now that I am here, I take this wonderful opportunity to thank all my followers, from first to last, I really appreciate you guys!

See you soon ;D

15 Oct 2011

Minecraft texture packs review

What's up folks?
Today it's saturday and I finally have some time to write something in here, yesterday evening I was checking out minecraftforum.net suddenly I realized that the "texture packs" section was really active and I decidet to try out some of the most downloaded ones.
I made up an house in a bunch of minutes (don't blame me, I know it's ugly!) and wanted to see the difference by switching from a pack to another.
First of all, in case some of you don't know, you need MCPatcher in order to switch from a texture pack to another within the game.
You can easily find it here: MCPatcher thread.

Here's what i got:

-Original textures

-Derelict x64

Creepy, it shows how would your buildings look like after a hundred years, it creates a sad setting, everything looks abandoned. In my opinion, great texture pack!
I just didn't like how does a diamond block look like, I mean, you have to be super aware on how it looks like, I really don't know if I would recognize it in a sea of stone.
Official thread on minecraftforums: Derelict topic.

- Deuteros 128x

While just above I talked about something rustic, here we have some screens about Deuteros. This one gives a complete different feeling, it looks like you just jumped it the future somehow, the mineral blocks have an awesome design, and I really loved the torches concept (4th screen). If you are looking for something different, then this is what you need!
Official thread on minecraftforums: Deuteros topic.

Had some more screens but I guess the post is already too long, I know that someone dont like to scroll thousand times in order to browse my homepage.
Have fun, and tell me what do you think about these two incredible texture packs! :D

7 Oct 2011

Let's talk about Cobalt.

Hello readers!
I just got home after my first university week, I just can tell you that it feels AWESOME! I mean, living with friends and no parents around is something really worthy, never felt this indipendent.
But anyways, new weekend, new posts and today I'm going to talk a little bit about Cobalt.

What is it?
It's a platformer indie game that is going to be released anytime soon!
It's developed by Oxeye Game Studio, in collaboration with the well known Mojang (creators of Minecraft and Scrolls) it has some juicy 2D graphics and an really interesting gameplay, it includes also an enjoyable multiplayer mode that in my opinion is going to be the strongest point of the game.
But more in general, as the developers would say, this game is all about: "jumping, rolling, shooting, t h r o w i n g, dancing, HACKING, rolling, flying, sliding, climbing, looting, deflecting, racing, pinata-ing, passing, scoring... and even more rolling!"
Here is the last official teaser:

Did you listen at the music when the title "COBALT" comes in? if you did, isn't it an incredible soundtrack? I fell in love with those few notes there!
In fact Cobalt was nominated for the "Excellence in Audio" award at the 13th annual Independent Games Festival; you can find the musician on Soundcloud or Twitter, just search for "Anou".
At the end of this month the alpha's pre-order is going to be up BE SURE NOT TO MISS IT! :D

Official site: playcobalt.com

1 Oct 2011

50 followers! and real life

First of all I really wanna thank every single follower that I got in this month, damn I really appreciate it.
It gives me the strenght to focus myself on my little blog even more than before, but, from tomorrow I'll be living in Udine to attend the university's lessons, sadly, in my little flat that I rent with a couple of friends there isn't internet at the moment and I'll have time to post updates only during the next weekends.
Anyways, we will work to get our internet connection as soon as possible, though, it might take several weeks.
So I can tell you that in the future you have to expect: a Minecraft daily every saturday and most probably an entire new blog about my Starcraft life. Indie games like Scrolls and Cobalt, that you should check out, are going to have a post all about them on the next monday and I will write it during my lessons I believe :P.
So, this is it, I'm really glad that someone enjoys my posts, and I still hope that there will be more as life goes on, thank you really much and see you around :D

27 Sep 2011

Starcraft, Day 9, and some other thoughts

Today I don't feel like post a new Minecraft daily, in fact yesterday morning I saw one of the most inspiring videos of my entire gaming life. Yea, it's Day9's daily #100, when he spent 2 hours of his life to talk about his personal experience through starcraft.
I mean, beside the fact that having all the support from your family is one of the most important things, whatever you're up to, I learnt that if you really want to do something, you can do it just by practicing.
You just have to keep your goal sticked in your head and go on, even in the worst case ever that may occur.

Talking now, about my Starcraft II life, I decided that I am definitely going to be promoted in gold league (yea, I'm an high rated silver and I'm not proud at all), today I played several games with people fairly better than me, which means that I'm actually somewhat ready to the promotion, but damn, it isn't coming.
Said this, just to introduce an idea that I just got, I'm thinking to open a brand new blog only about my Starcraft II games, thoughts, rages (a lot of them :P) and so on.
Not because I'm sure that someone will follow it, but mainly because I really like to write down my real feelings, that makes me feel better, i guess
Will think about it :)

25 Sep 2011

Strongholdz! Daily #4

Heya followers,
Today I'm going to spend some minutes of my life to talk about STRONGHOLDS! but still I'm going to bring these sort of informations as one of my Minecraft dailies. Many of you may already know that in every new generated world there will be only three strongholds, also all of them will appear near your spawnpoint, with "near" I mean that you can actually reach them without wasting hours of your precious life. Of course many of them are underground, that means that you need a tool in order to find them which is this one: Official Minecraftforum thread, and if you are too lazy to click on that link just click on the play button down here ;)

Guess it's time to start:
In the afternoon Dartino said that he had found a stronghold which was not that far from my home, we didn't care about the approaching night, and our journey started. The darkness began to eat us alive when we reached the coordinates, there was nothing out there so we decided to dig all the way down hoping to find it.

After a while we started to think that the stronghold wasn't even there till I found this:

even though the flowing lava caught my eyes I also recognized unusual stone blocks down there, HOORAY! the stronghold was lying there! We went down as fast as we could and started to explore thousand rooms, we encountered even silverfish, it didn't look as deadly as we thought but I anyways killed him before getting a hit.

(yeah, silverfishes look like some dust lol)
We continued to climb stairs, push buttons, fight zombies and skeletons but every damn place of was equal to each other, till we found nothing but a fountain, there were three more ways to explore.

All of them were as scary as this one: (zombie noises coming out of nowere didn't help to keep calm)

In the end, we found it! the last iron door was sitting in front or us right after it there was the dusty library, sadly, we were expecting to find a pretty great treasure in there but there wasn't. There was just a chest with some paper and a few books, but hey, the adventure was anyways worth it!

So this was my daily #4, hope you liked it :)

22 Sep 2011

Diablo III beta commented by Day 9

As I said at the beginning, I'm not going to cover only indie games in here, this is the right time to talk a little bit about Diablo 3. The beta keys are getting distributed only in the US as far as I know (hoping to get one as soon as the beta becomes available in Europe).
Day 9 made an entire walktrough in one of his recent streams, two days ago, to be more precise, and I feel like sharing this with you all readers.

Shared this mostly because I'm a huge Day9's fan, top player in Starcraft 2 and famous commentator.
If you care to see more about him check his youtube channel : Day9ty.
As you can see, Diablo III is going to be a huge success and after years of rumors it's becoming reality and I personally can't wait anymore!

Cheers ;)

20 Sep 2011

SMP for the win!: Daily #3

Hello hello,
I'm coming up with my third Minecraft daily bringing you a lot of news, as you can see, I mentioned SMP (for those who don't know what's that, it stands for Survival MultiPlayer), yeah! me and some friends started to play on a server. We actually bought it here: www.multiplaygameservers.com this site gives out servers at an incredible low price, with low latency for a really smooth gaming experience.

So there we go!
We got our little shelter during the first day, and with our poor, or nonexistent gear, everything looked so cool

Although some more came in, now we are 6 active people if I remember correctly.
Anyways Tehnooberer took a plain spot on a swamp biome the rest of us decided to feel a little bit safer and build our home on some peaks not that far away from him, and we started to work hard, at aleast, them. I realized that I'm not one of those creative minds, and I always end up by building something technical and useful instead of  creating some hard concepts. This was some of the first results:

And during our first lonely night:

Heres another, let's say, funny fact about our server, difficulty was set as VERY HARD (yea you can't even play in this mode without some server commands) mobs beat you, hunger KILLS and because of this I created a little wheat farm on top of my mountain!

Right before than leaving you, look what I saw when I woke up :P

Me:"hello there mate!"

I'm done here, in the next update we are going to see  some action in the nether (hopefully) and how to create a slime farm in order to get a lot of slimeballs, but I'm not going to spoil anything else.
See you.

18 Sep 2011


So hello guys!
Today I'm going to spend some time to talk about Bastion, a dynamical role-playing game, where you impersonate a kid, that has to build a safe spot called, in fact, the bastion, by collecting objects around the dying world of Caelondia.
Supergiantgames, an indie developement team, has brought to us a phenomenal game and I want to remember that you can get it on Steam at the price of 13,99€, for the greedy ones, theres a free demo that will convince almost everyone.

But let's go a little bit deeper in the gameplay with a list of what I liked when I tried Bastion:

-Dual weapon system: There is plenty of choice of weapons each one with a different powerful secret skill. In addition you will be always able to shield yourself from various enemy attacks.

-Upgrades and proving grounds: You can improve you weapons by using items that you will find while playing, but, also as rewards of the so called "proving grounds" where you have to achieve different goals using a weapon, this is an example that I found

-The storyteller: The dynamic storytelling is just amazing, you should try the game just because of this.

Of course there is much more that I could say, but I would ruin the whole game experience for some of you, I leave you here for today, good luck on saving the world of Caelondia!

15 Sep 2011

1.8 came out! Digging in the darkness, Daily #2

Yep! Minecraft 1.8 version got released yesterday, I thought that I could anyways keep these dailies up, even because I enjoy writing them.
Anyways after having realized that my blog was turning into a "minecraft exclusive" one, I already announce that my next update is going to cover Bastion, an indie game recently released even on Steam.

But! here's the story:

After a nightmare I managed to sleep, when I woke up, I just started to look around around the lake I found. Not even a minute was passed when I found this, a good looking deep hole in the ground with a funny zombie on fire. This inspired me to dig till down there hoping to find something rare, or at least having a nice time by exploring that place.

 And from my safe gravel block and with my iron sword in the right hand I started to see what was really going on there, it appeared a bigger place than the thought. Carefully i created some stairs that led me down, walled off the hole and everything looked so, scary.

Encountered some creepers, almost had a heart attack, fought some skeletons and zombies but my lighting up process finally was done, except for a strange light beside me. I fastly turned and I saw nothing but lava! looked pretty strange at this height.

Right after this discovery, I literally got attacked by 3 spiders came out of nowhere, fortunately my iron sword was strong enough to kill them landing also a lot of critical hits by jumping then hitting (couldn't manage to get a screenshot of the sparkles that come out after a critical, sadly). Actually I was pretty lucky, they dropped a string each so I could make a bow. With the new weapon I decided to explore the last tunnel left, which looked like this

(damn that, the zombie staring at me in the shadows it's hard to see in this small version of the picture, I suggest to click it to see it clearly :P)
Fought some other zombies and achieved almost a stack of iron blocks in total, nothing more but suddently hunger became unbearable, ran till my safe spot and decided to eat some rotten flash, a new item that gets dropped by zombies. Look what happened:

The food counter became greeny!
although nothing else happened, I'm still wondering what could that be, anyways after having waited for the morning I easily reached the surface, and my home with a new bow and a lot of iron in my backpack!

My second daily ends up here, I hope you've enjoyed it, see you!

13 Sep 2011

Living in 1.8 prerelease, Daily #1

Recently started to play a new world in Minecraft prerelease (explained everything in the last post) so, today I've guessed that I could share my own adventure day by day here, in order to provide screenshots of the new content, but also making a bit of enteratainment.

So, here we go with the first Daily update:

I spawned right here, there were nothing but trees around me so i picked a random direction and started to walk, after a while I realized that I was already facing a new feature, in fact, after this update we won't see anymore the usual "fast setting change", this means that we will see huge plain areas, mountains or as you can see right down here, deserts.

I decided to turn back just because by that time the only thing I needed to find was coal. Night was approacing and I was lucky enough to literally fall in a hole where I could find a big vein of coal with which i made a lot of torches. The darkness came, so the only thing I had to do, in order to stay alive, was to wall off the entrance and wait there till morning. My first shelter looked like this:

In the morning I was hungry, I had to find some pigs and cows since from now on they drop steaks too. After some hunting without eating i tried out how does starving mean, basically if you run out of food you will lose a half heart each 5 seconds or so, unfortunately I couldn't find my way home and I started to walk through the forest. This was the result, I found some iron on the surface AND! discovered an amazing canyon!

After having enjoyed the view for quite a while I had to find a new spot for my settlement. I chose this one, mainly because of the lack of time.

And in the second night I lived here, yes, it was still a hole but, looked more like a place to call home.

We're done for today, except for an unanswered question that came up in my mind:
Whats the function of that sort of experience bar?