20 Sep 2011

SMP for the win!: Daily #3

Hello hello,
I'm coming up with my third Minecraft daily bringing you a lot of news, as you can see, I mentioned SMP (for those who don't know what's that, it stands for Survival MultiPlayer), yeah! me and some friends started to play on a server. We actually bought it here: www.multiplaygameservers.com this site gives out servers at an incredible low price, with low latency for a really smooth gaming experience.

So there we go!
We got our little shelter during the first day, and with our poor, or nonexistent gear, everything looked so cool

Although some more came in, now we are 6 active people if I remember correctly.
Anyways Tehnooberer took a plain spot on a swamp biome the rest of us decided to feel a little bit safer and build our home on some peaks not that far away from him, and we started to work hard, at aleast, them. I realized that I'm not one of those creative minds, and I always end up by building something technical and useful instead of  creating some hard concepts. This was some of the first results:

And during our first lonely night:

Heres another, let's say, funny fact about our server, difficulty was set as VERY HARD (yea you can't even play in this mode without some server commands) mobs beat you, hunger KILLS and because of this I created a little wheat farm on top of my mountain!

Right before than leaving you, look what I saw when I woke up :P

Me:"hello there mate!"

I'm done here, in the next update we are going to see  some action in the nether (hopefully) and how to create a slime farm in order to get a lot of slimeballs, but I'm not going to spoil anything else.
See you.


  1. Nice work there,keep on doing good job!

  2. The MMO I'm playing on my phone has better graphics... :D

  3. Graphics aren't everything ;)

  4. so, thank you for recommend this great game =D

  5. Don't really like this type of games

  6. Nothing like a bit of minecraft :d

    Nice one man :D