18 Sep 2011


So hello guys!
Today I'm going to spend some time to talk about Bastion, a dynamical role-playing game, where you impersonate a kid, that has to build a safe spot called, in fact, the bastion, by collecting objects around the dying world of Caelondia.
Supergiantgames, an indie developement team, has brought to us a phenomenal game and I want to remember that you can get it on Steam at the price of 13,99€, for the greedy ones, theres a free demo that will convince almost everyone.

But let's go a little bit deeper in the gameplay with a list of what I liked when I tried Bastion:

-Dual weapon system: There is plenty of choice of weapons each one with a different powerful secret skill. In addition you will be always able to shield yourself from various enemy attacks.

-Upgrades and proving grounds: You can improve you weapons by using items that you will find while playing, but, also as rewards of the so called "proving grounds" where you have to achieve different goals using a weapon, this is an example that I found

-The storyteller: The dynamic storytelling is just amazing, you should try the game just because of this.

Of course there is much more that I could say, but I would ruin the whole game experience for some of you, I leave you here for today, good luck on saving the world of Caelondia!


  1. I saw someone on youtube playing this, it looks good! Also I tried to answer your question on my devotional blog!

  2. Awesome game, thanks for the tip mate! :D