7 Sep 2011

Who am I? and, what am I doing here?

Hello folks, my name is Luca, I live in italy in a town fairly near to Venice, even though in october I'll be living in Udine, a big city at 130 km far from my home. Actually I'm going to attend the economy course there, at the university. So, as you can see, english is not my mother tongue and you will certainly find lots of mistakes around here, so please forgive me.

Let's talk about the other question, "what am i doing here?": well, I'm going to promote as much as I can indie gaming, you may wonder what the hell could that be! Simple, "indie" stands for "indipendent", thats right you got me, this blog is mainly about those games that don't come from the rich companies such as EA or Blizzard or whatever. Most of you may have seen or at least listened about Minecraft, a game basically entirely developed by a guy named Notch. If you don't, well you should search for it, by now, according to his official site "3,376,616 people bought the game" and considering that it's sold at 15€ that made such a tremendous income. What am I trying to say is that, besides Minecraft there are literally MILLIONS of other games entirely developed by just a person or a quite small team and many of them, obviously are at least as cool as minecraft. That's why I'm trying to promote this other aspect of videogaming.

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  1. Cool idea! I really enjoy independent movies, music, games etc. You don't get to hear too much about some of this great stuff! Nice job!