Hello, my name is Luca "Wisheez" Colosso, I'm an italian guy who's currently attending his first year of economics university. I'm an unskilled player that loves any kind of challenge in online games, and, sadly, the time I spend playing videogames sometimes is a problem. Anyways, if you wonder what kind of game I am playing now or whatever just send me an email (luceandbeyond@gmail.com), my IGNs are always: Wisheez, Wishees and sometimes Luce, lately, I've been playing a lot of League of Legends trying to become a decend AD carry or a support. Also, if you dont know what's LoL, just ignore these last two sentences.

Should be Indie

Should be Indie, was created in September 2011, basically for the fun of keeping a blog. By now, I really can't think about a future without it, every new follower or even  just a visitor makes me glad of the work I'm doing here.
The main aim of my blog is to create a virtual bridge from the indipendent game and music developing world, to the rest of the internet, Should be Indie will be the clear proof that you don't need a team composed by over 9000 people to create a great game. It feels like creativity, in the industry of game making system of these years, is a concept quite lost. That's why I'm saying that most of the indie games are seriously more enterataining than everything else, I'll share my passion with you till I die! :D