20 May 2012

Funding Sunday, Kenshi

Today's Funding Sunday feature is Kenshi, and also a question that is twirling in my mind: why isn't this game getting all the funds it should deserve?

Lo-Fi Games

We're talking about a 1-man game development studio. Who's actually working alone for already a long time on this quite innovative concept of gameplay, mostly based on freedom, from what I see.
Lo-Fi Games, as it is also stated in the indieGoGo campaign, don't have any other previous game to prove the trustworthiness of the ambitious project, except this alpha game which looks good enough, being honest.

I heard you like free-roaming

Or at least, I do.

So, Kenshi is a single player free roaming squad based RPG, where you will be able to become really, whatever you want.
Also, the game is flavored with RTS elements, which basically means that you are not supposed to be stronger than anyone and, you'll have to gather up allies as long as creating your base, if you wish to survive through the days.
You can find the full list of features, news up to date and everything more here: lofigames.com, but don't forget that Kenshi is in need of YOU, catch your chance to be a contributor on indiegogo.com.

But now, regardless of what I've said till now, if you've checked the funding campaign you can clearly see that it isn't going pretty well, but what's really disturbing is that, I've seen thousand of games worse than Kenshi, gathering all the money they needed in the matter of a month.
So, what's wrong with this? Is this a problem of bad advertisement? Something else?
Guess I'll never know.


  1. I love the look of this! But I'd never heard of it before this post, so it must be poorly publicised...

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