15 Oct 2011

Minecraft texture packs review

What's up folks?
Today it's saturday and I finally have some time to write something in here, yesterday evening I was checking out minecraftforum.net suddenly I realized that the "texture packs" section was really active and I decidet to try out some of the most downloaded ones.
I made up an house in a bunch of minutes (don't blame me, I know it's ugly!) and wanted to see the difference by switching from a pack to another.
First of all, in case some of you don't know, you need MCPatcher in order to switch from a texture pack to another within the game.
You can easily find it here: MCPatcher thread.

Here's what i got:

-Original textures

-Derelict x64

Creepy, it shows how would your buildings look like after a hundred years, it creates a sad setting, everything looks abandoned. In my opinion, great texture pack!
I just didn't like how does a diamond block look like, I mean, you have to be super aware on how it looks like, I really don't know if I would recognize it in a sea of stone.
Official thread on minecraftforums: Derelict topic.

- Deuteros 128x

While just above I talked about something rustic, here we have some screens about Deuteros. This one gives a complete different feeling, it looks like you just jumped it the future somehow, the mineral blocks have an awesome design, and I really loved the torches concept (4th screen). If you are looking for something different, then this is what you need!
Official thread on minecraftforums: Deuteros topic.

Had some more screens but I guess the post is already too long, I know that someone dont like to scroll thousand times in order to browse my homepage.
Have fun, and tell me what do you think about these two incredible texture packs! :D


  1. they are awesome, well minecraft is great anyway =) just a total different type of game which really makes a lot of fun =)

  2. i agree with previous comment, minecraft definitely is different type of game!

  3. Nice textures and great work done there. Keep it up.

  4. I wish that i could play it once T.T

  5. I must admit that this new texture pack looks awesome. I will test it for sure:)

  6. Ill have to try those textures out!