30 Oct 2011

Time for some Lone Survivor

Hey hey!
Tomorrow as you (hopefully :P) all know it's Halloween, have fun whatever are you going to do!
Just because of this, I thought that there wasn't a better time to talk about a non-released indie game: Lone Survivor, another game that was recently submitted to IGF (which is still Indie Games Festival, like I already said).

Some more informations
Well this is a game under developement created by Jasper Byrne under the alias of superflatgames, it's 2D survival horror, where you have to face zombies, hide in dark corners, find some other guys still alive and so on. Have you ever played Fall Out? this is basically the same, just developed by only a dude, great, isn't it?

Unfortunately there isn't a playable demo or anything, we can only stare at the trailer keeping an eye on the release date.

His youtube channel

(you should check also the other games he made, this guy has some revolutionary ideas)

So! this pre-halloween update just ended, as usual, let me know what do you think about this, the blog and anything else I could improve to make "Should Be Indie" better :D Cya!


  1. 2D survival horror , sounds interesting :D great post+1

  2. I love survival horror!

  3. Looks interesting, I'll bite :P

  4. the trailer song makes it feel very dreadfull and "apocaliptic hopeless" feel to it, i wanna play this now o3o

  5. Look really funny love those things :D will test it soon!

  6. Looks cool, ill check it out!
    Nice blog, following! :)

  7. looks cool! i love 2D games.