11 Nov 2011

Pineapple Smash Crew!

What's up guys?
The time feels right to share some informations about this game, in my opinion one of the best indie games that are going to be released soon. Once again I found this, by randomly browsing IGF trailer submits, though, I immediately realized that this game deserved an entire post here, I mean, the trailer is soooo chatchy ;) and actually here it is:

But, basically, what's that?
It's the first large project made by Rich Edwards, also known as, RichMakeGames who decided to add a completely new feel to a top down blast-em-up gameplay. You have to guide a squad composed by four pineapples (I believe :P) through the exploration of apparently abandoned starships. Unfortunately you will face aliens, zombies, monsters and whatsoever by using also some of your brain instead of keep shooting like an usual game would need.

Why do I already love PSC?
As you may already know, music catches my attention more than images, and this time it actually took me totally in!
Also, did you see how smooth does the gameplay seem? this would be definitely a great game to fill some of those boring moments that everyone has from time to time.

But, as usual, the release date isn't announced and if you're not one of those lucky guys that tried it at "Eurogamer expo" at the end of this september, you will have to wait for something playable from the beginning of the next year.

You can find more about Rich Edwards here: http://www.richmakegame.com/


  1. i like this kind of game!
    will try!

  2. Wow! I really like it! great video =D

  3. I think that this game is incredable!

  4. seems very funny, another to the list for bored afternoons in winter.

  5. Sounds great, going to try it today. Thanks.

  6. As usual in indie, simple but amazing graphics and simplex yet deep gameplay :)

  7. Nice stuff to keep me on pc when im bored!! :)