30 Oct 2011

Time for some Lone Survivor

Hey hey!
Tomorrow as you (hopefully :P) all know it's Halloween, have fun whatever are you going to do!
Just because of this, I thought that there wasn't a better time to talk about a non-released indie game: Lone Survivor, another game that was recently submitted to IGF (which is still Indie Games Festival, like I already said).

Some more informations
Well this is a game under developement created by Jasper Byrne under the alias of superflatgames, it's 2D survival horror, where you have to face zombies, hide in dark corners, find some other guys still alive and so on. Have you ever played Fall Out? this is basically the same, just developed by only a dude, great, isn't it?

Unfortunately there isn't a playable demo or anything, we can only stare at the trailer keeping an eye on the release date.

His youtube channel

(you should check also the other games he made, this guy has some revolutionary ideas)

So! this pre-halloween update just ended, as usual, let me know what do you think about this, the blog and anything else I could improve to make "Should Be Indie" better :D Cya!

24 Oct 2011

The Iconosclasts

Hi there!
Today I feel like talking a little bit about "The Iconoclasts", a game that I found by randomly surfing on the net.

What is it?
Basically, it's an adventure-platformer game developed by a guy named Konjak, also, the game has been officially submitted to IGF (Indipendent Games Festival), we will see what will happen.
Of course Konjak prepared a stunning trailer that shows all the incredible potential that The Iconoclasts has:

But this is not enough! Konjak on his website has released a playable demo absolutely for free! I decided to write something about this right after I played for a while.

More about the storyline
You are Robin, a mechanic, just as her father used to be, but here's the problem! in the world where she lives, that profession is strictly forbidden. The game should help you to discover why, by crossing forests and deserts and facing the level bosses (personally I had some problems while defeating the first one, can't imagine how complicated are the other ones :P).

I really suggest you all to give it a try, this game involves some new features that makes the gameplay totally different from the other common platformers, The Iconoclasts is MORE DYNAMIC, MORE CHALLENGING and DIFFERENT from the others.
Plus, I damn loved the artwork, everything looks where it is supposed to be be, from the colours of the environment to Robin's movements, now, I'm just waiting for the full release ;).

21 Oct 2011

Mojang's Scrolls

Hello dear followers!
It's 3 am here and I'm not tired at all, so, I asked myself: "why don't I post what I was planning to write tomorrow?".

What's Scrolls

Scrolls is a new indie game under developement by Mojang, yep the Minecraft ones.
As they say, Scrolls is going to have a total new and unique gameplay based on fighting your opponent using powerful magical scrolls. Basically, we are going to get a card videogame!
Actually, everything is still misterious and I personally can't even imagine how would it look like.
On the other hand, the game should have a pretty long and interesting storyline set in some ancient imaginary world or, at least, this is what I can guess by browsing the official homepage.

What do you expect after you read that?

If you're old enough:

If you're not:

Being one of the "oldie" ones, I started to feel like to play like I used to do when I was, well, from 10 to 16 I guess. This can only mean one thing: all those nostalgic trading cards' gamers will finally get a chance to feel a little younger, which is the greatest strenght of this game.

Few unanswered questions

We know that this game is under developement since a long time ago right? then why don't they reveal anything? I mean, something like a trailer or just a short gameplay video.
Have you noticed that you can simply sign up for the alpha testing by writing your email in the bottom of the official website? well, does this mean that everyone is going to get his copy of the alpha version? who knows huh.

Personal thoughts

I really can't wait to try it, I hope that I'm not overrating it too much.
Also, I just got an idea on how should the game evolve, I mean, it shouldn't be a static game after the final realease, they should add from time to time new cards in order to make everything more dynamic.

By now, this, is basically the only thing we have about the upcoming game:

So, what do you think guys, is this going to be a failure or just another epic hit for Mojang?
Cheers :D

19 Oct 2011

A small and joyful update :D

So guys, as you may know, during the week I'm far away from home because I decided to attend the university courses in Udine, but!
Today, in my little flat where I live with a couple of friends, just came a real good friend of mine, INTERNET!
This means that, from the next week, I'll be able to produce more content and be more active in here :D
By now I'm just writing from a friend's notebook, I will personally bring my damn old PC in here this Sunday, just can't wait anymore!

Don't know why am I writing this, I can only say that I am sooo excited! And now that I am here, I take this wonderful opportunity to thank all my followers, from first to last, I really appreciate you guys!

See you soon ;D

15 Oct 2011

Minecraft texture packs review

What's up folks?
Today it's saturday and I finally have some time to write something in here, yesterday evening I was checking out minecraftforum.net suddenly I realized that the "texture packs" section was really active and I decidet to try out some of the most downloaded ones.
I made up an house in a bunch of minutes (don't blame me, I know it's ugly!) and wanted to see the difference by switching from a pack to another.
First of all, in case some of you don't know, you need MCPatcher in order to switch from a texture pack to another within the game.
You can easily find it here: MCPatcher thread.

Here's what i got:

-Original textures

-Derelict x64

Creepy, it shows how would your buildings look like after a hundred years, it creates a sad setting, everything looks abandoned. In my opinion, great texture pack!
I just didn't like how does a diamond block look like, I mean, you have to be super aware on how it looks like, I really don't know if I would recognize it in a sea of stone.
Official thread on minecraftforums: Derelict topic.

- Deuteros 128x

While just above I talked about something rustic, here we have some screens about Deuteros. This one gives a complete different feeling, it looks like you just jumped it the future somehow, the mineral blocks have an awesome design, and I really loved the torches concept (4th screen). If you are looking for something different, then this is what you need!
Official thread on minecraftforums: Deuteros topic.

Had some more screens but I guess the post is already too long, I know that someone dont like to scroll thousand times in order to browse my homepage.
Have fun, and tell me what do you think about these two incredible texture packs! :D

7 Oct 2011

Let's talk about Cobalt.

Hello readers!
I just got home after my first university week, I just can tell you that it feels AWESOME! I mean, living with friends and no parents around is something really worthy, never felt this indipendent.
But anyways, new weekend, new posts and today I'm going to talk a little bit about Cobalt.

What is it?
It's a platformer indie game that is going to be released anytime soon!
It's developed by Oxeye Game Studio, in collaboration with the well known Mojang (creators of Minecraft and Scrolls) it has some juicy 2D graphics and an really interesting gameplay, it includes also an enjoyable multiplayer mode that in my opinion is going to be the strongest point of the game.
But more in general, as the developers would say, this game is all about: "jumping, rolling, shooting, t h r o w i n g, dancing, HACKING, rolling, flying, sliding, climbing, looting, deflecting, racing, pinata-ing, passing, scoring... and even more rolling!"
Here is the last official teaser:

Did you listen at the music when the title "COBALT" comes in? if you did, isn't it an incredible soundtrack? I fell in love with those few notes there!
In fact Cobalt was nominated for the "Excellence in Audio" award at the 13th annual Independent Games Festival; you can find the musician on Soundcloud or Twitter, just search for "Anou".
At the end of this month the alpha's pre-order is going to be up BE SURE NOT TO MISS IT! :D

Official site: playcobalt.com

1 Oct 2011

50 followers! and real life

First of all I really wanna thank every single follower that I got in this month, damn I really appreciate it.
It gives me the strenght to focus myself on my little blog even more than before, but, from tomorrow I'll be living in Udine to attend the university's lessons, sadly, in my little flat that I rent with a couple of friends there isn't internet at the moment and I'll have time to post updates only during the next weekends.
Anyways, we will work to get our internet connection as soon as possible, though, it might take several weeks.
So I can tell you that in the future you have to expect: a Minecraft daily every saturday and most probably an entire new blog about my Starcraft life. Indie games like Scrolls and Cobalt, that you should check out, are going to have a post all about them on the next monday and I will write it during my lessons I believe :P.
So, this is it, I'm really glad that someone enjoys my posts, and I still hope that there will be more as life goes on, thank you really much and see you around :D