17 Nov 2011


Hey y'all,
There is nothing better than this boring afternoon to talk a bit about IndieCity, a project that I found some days ago.
Here it is: http://www.indiecity.com/

Basically this is going to be, as the developers said, the definitive home of indie-gamers, developers and whoever is into this scene.  This mean that in the next future we may find everything we need on a single site instead of wandering around the web.

Should we call this innovation or, copying already existent communities like Steam?
I believe that, at this moment nobody can tell us. I can only think how hard could be for all those admins that eventually will see every single user of their forum migrate to IndieCity :°( (HOW SAD!)

What do you think about this? is it going to hurt the balance among the indie developers?


  1. I think it is a really good idea.

  2. Good question, hope you find some good answers /duderino

  3. The more options the better. When one company oversee's too much, that's when issues occur.

  4. and then all indie developers gahter and sell their products with a client such as steam and then it becomes a big huge conglomerate and starts slaskcing.. hahah.. not really... as long as they keep it real they wont have any trouble AWESOME bookmarked!

  5. yes sounds like great plan ...