24 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas

Hey guys!
I just want to wish you the best christmas you can imagine!
It's too early to wish you also a happy new year, I'm planning to make a new post about Nitronic Rush, we'll see. I'm sorry but lately I've been really busy with my mathemathics exam which I failed on the 23rd, lol, whatever, things will get better and I'll start to bring up more posts like I used to do :D.

And once again, thank you, followers, readers, random visitors I love you all <3

18 Dec 2011

Fight together against SOPA

Hello guys, today I'm coming up with a quite unusual post but absolutely needed.
SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), is an american bill introduced for the first time on October 26, 2011 which is under review right when you're reading this.
Its main aim is to protect copyright owners by blocking every site that may contain or already contains such material, if you're not following the events you could actually accept this, that's why I'm here to tell in this short post why SOPA has to be stopped.

If you are an american internet user then read this:

In some time you may not be able to use sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and many others, or you could just partially be able to browse them. As you all should know, 80% of the videos stored on Youtube include something that break some kind of copyright. Also, can you really imagine Twitter or Facebook without most of the links that get posted daily by your friends? I personally can't. Even Google will be forced to check every result that provides, ending up by deleting almost every single link. But, hey! you may be someone that is making money out of internet with your site that talks about a game that you obviously don't own any single right, well, you're out of business.

If you live outside the US here's why you should be worried:

You maybe forget that most of the sites but also users that you follow are americans, well, we won't be able to see them anymore. Plus, our site won't be open to one of the largest internet using country, yes, I'm talking to you all, bloggers, webmasters, youtube professional (and non) casters. Remember, you are breaking copyrights just by posting even a single screenshot of your favourite game in one of the thousand pages that you may have on your website.

Do you really want to give to the USA government the rights to censor the biggest innovation that we achieved from the beginning of the human being?
Do you really want to undermine the security online by changing the basic structure of the Internet?

What can we do?

Bloggers, administrators and whoever, please, write even a short article saying why SOPA shall not pass, even if you think that this may not affect your personal business, do it in english or even in your mother tongue but, JUST DO IT!. Spread this through facebook, twitter or any other social network, especially the europeans, it seems that the world is not completely aware of this potential disaster. USA government MUST KNOW THAT THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST THIS! If everyone does this, Google will be instantly full, for a thousand of pages, of us, the real internet users that express their possible last will through the threatened web.

~ sincerely, an internet user.

If you would like to know something more in particular then check this out:

12 Dec 2011

Indie gaming music, or just C418

Ok guys, haven't slept this night, I just probably have too many ideas/troubles that keep me totally awake without even making me tired, ew except this headache. Anyways let's get this post started!
While I was trying to sleep listening to some chilling music I realized that, my personal blog should contain everything I enjoy, including definitely underground music that comes out of indie games but not only, don't know if you have already read my other music related post.

Today! or if I have to be more precise this early morning I really have to throw down some lines about C418. Many of you may already know this guy from the Minecraft OST, and if you don't, well he's the mind behind every single track that you would hear playing the game.
Probably, what you're missing, is that he's almost continuously feeding his discography which is already huge enough to consider him as a real artist that should really deserve to be a musician for the rest of his life without even worrying about getting a job.
So, please, head over c418.org and start to understand what I always like to say: "the ones who really deserve something are those who get less". True story.

Just because I know how are you, I've also decided to put here a few tracks from his store, be sure to listen them.

The last one is actually from his major ambiental, drum & bass release, called 72 Minutes of Fame, hope you liked this unusual post, even because I'm really going to make more content regarding these authors. Peace!

9 Dec 2011

The darkness of: Limbo

Couldn't resist a hour more to talk about Limbo, so there we go!
Yesterday I was browsing Steam's indie games section, when I was about to close it I decided to look for one last game that sounded interesting, right after that, I came across Limbo's page. Its trailer explains it all, Limbo was, without any doubt, a game that I had to buy. Tried it, and now, I MUST write something about it.

About Playdead

Playdead is an indie game developing team composed by 15 danish guys. Well, they will be 16 very soon since they are looking for any sort of developer to permanently work with them. I guess that their recent 1.000.000 downloads hit made them think that they could easily offer another place in order to create a new game also better than this.

Why should you really buy and try it?

First of all, because it costs just 9,99€, other than that, because Limbo has seriously one of the most original content I've ever seen in indie games. It has some great creepy setting, gorgeous visual art and balanced puzzling components that don't ruin the gameplay not even for a while. Playdead did an amazing job with the creation of this 2D puzzle adventure, not by coincidence it won  two awards at the last Indie Game Festival.
I just got some initial problems by resolving the first puzzles, finding your way through deep lakes and deadly circumstances may not look clear at the beginning of your journey.

And now let's leave the usual link list and end this up, GOTTA FINISH THE GAME.

Official site: http://limbogame.org/
Email (if you want to show some love to them): fan@playdead.com

6 Dec 2011

Legend of Grimrock, right after a week of beta

Hello guys!
I'm just back with some other interesting news regarding Legend of Grimrock, and his new chapter of life, the beta testing. Just in case that someone doesn't know, it means that the game is basically done, and the developers, four finnish guys, are just testing every feature out in order to release it as soon as possible. But let's go on with the usual steps of knowledge.

What about the developers?

The game is entirely developed by Almost Human Ltd, an indipendent game developer team. It has been founded in the early 2011 and Legend of Grimrock is going to be their first game as a team. As you may see from their blog they don't like to talk about themselves, I can only leave here their facebook page and the official website.


And now the game in itself

Legend of Grimrock is a role playing game focused on dungeon exploring, more in general a "dungeon crawl game". They feel like modern RPGs have lost some of the old game tactics an timing, in addition, they will also add some puzzle components, hoping to give a completely new taste to this old game genre.
Anyways, your mission is to guide these four prisoners through the 15 designed levels, yeah, at the first sight this reminded me of those old Final Fantasies with one exception, the fights are not based on turns, here's what do they answer when this issue comes up: "We feel that real time works better with the game we are making. It goes well with the atmosphere of the game since the player can be surprised by creeping monsters and the mood of the combat is more intense. Timing is an essential tactical element and our puzzles also benefit from working in real time. Real time gameplay also helps us differentiate from a number of other dungeon crawl games that have been released over the years."

Well, I'm just sure that this game will be seriously a big hit of the new year, or at least I hope for them, these developers deserve all the best that the indie community can provide.
If you have any questions left I suggest you to immediately check their FAQ section. 
Have a good day! :D