18 Dec 2011

Fight together against SOPA

Hello guys, today I'm coming up with a quite unusual post but absolutely needed.
SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), is an american bill introduced for the first time on October 26, 2011 which is under review right when you're reading this.
Its main aim is to protect copyright owners by blocking every site that may contain or already contains such material, if you're not following the events you could actually accept this, that's why I'm here to tell in this short post why SOPA has to be stopped.

If you are an american internet user then read this:

In some time you may not be able to use sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and many others, or you could just partially be able to browse them. As you all should know, 80% of the videos stored on Youtube include something that break some kind of copyright. Also, can you really imagine Twitter or Facebook without most of the links that get posted daily by your friends? I personally can't. Even Google will be forced to check every result that provides, ending up by deleting almost every single link. But, hey! you may be someone that is making money out of internet with your site that talks about a game that you obviously don't own any single right, well, you're out of business.

If you live outside the US here's why you should be worried:

You maybe forget that most of the sites but also users that you follow are americans, well, we won't be able to see them anymore. Plus, our site won't be open to one of the largest internet using country, yes, I'm talking to you all, bloggers, webmasters, youtube professional (and non) casters. Remember, you are breaking copyrights just by posting even a single screenshot of your favourite game in one of the thousand pages that you may have on your website.

Do you really want to give to the USA government the rights to censor the biggest innovation that we achieved from the beginning of the human being?
Do you really want to undermine the security online by changing the basic structure of the Internet?

What can we do?

Bloggers, administrators and whoever, please, write even a short article saying why SOPA shall not pass, even if you think that this may not affect your personal business, do it in english or even in your mother tongue but, JUST DO IT!. Spread this through facebook, twitter or any other social network, especially the europeans, it seems that the world is not completely aware of this potential disaster. USA government MUST KNOW THAT THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST THIS! If everyone does this, Google will be instantly full, for a thousand of pages, of us, the real internet users that express their possible last will through the threatened web.

~ sincerely, an internet user.

If you would like to know something more in particular then check this out:


  1. Great read and definitely a great cause.

    People need to be more educated, thanks for the post!

  2. this is a nice and well written post!

  3. TY for this. Copy paste on my FB page! I'm sick of seeing my favorite videos disappearing from youtube because "user suspended" "copyright shit" etc. Every week a cool vide disappears from my favorites. WHAT IS THIS SH!T? ... "nightwolfy"

  4. See, I really doubt it will be passed. Is there a possibility? yes, cause our congress is FULL of pockets waiting for money and the RIAA and MPAA have their hands in them filling them up. have been for a while now. But It shouldn't just for the reasoning that it will put so many people out of business and cause the biggest poverty hit EVER! All this because the movie and music industry claiming they are losing money. . B/S! Get over it! You are not losing money you billion to trillion dollar industry you! The people who make BILLIONS on top of BILLIONS are trying to hurt the little people making pennies as usual.

  5. this is an important matter i have been trying to tell as much people as i can, the problem is the wording it has , its non specific and could be exploted :(

  6. This needs to be stopped. Criminal what the American Government is trying to do.

  7. Hell yeah! They fucking want to control everything! Illuminati minion fuckers