24 Nov 2011

Some Waves!

Hello there dear followers,
I finally found some time tonight to share with you one of the latest realeases in the indie world, I'm talking about WAVES, an unusual game, simple but incredibly addicting.

Well, as you can see from the video above here, you just have to shoot at those strange balls in order to stay alive and obtain more points. I personally tried it out and I have to admit that even if it may look boring from the trailer, its five game modes keep the challenge completely up at anytime.

More about "Squid in a box"

Squid in a box is a project of indie games developig kept all together by Rob Hale, everything is made by him except from the awesome logo and the stunning music. Even if Waves is his very first stable game released (actually you can buy it on Steam at the price of 6,79 €), it's already clear that this guy will go far, isn't it?
Also, you can't miss the incredible soundtrack which is seriously something special, I recommend you all to check the artist right now here: Smiletron's homepage, theres actually a lot of his work downloadable for free there.

Weren't we talking about Waves?

We are! the five game modes are the following:
  • 3 minutes to get the highest score you can in Crunch Time – Perfect for boiling an egg.
  • Level up and defeat the fearsome Cubes to extend your time in Rush.
  • 3 Lives and more baddies than you can eat but watch out for ambushes in Survival.
  • Bombing Run is all about the Boom. No guns but lots and lots of Boom. BOOM!
  • Challenge puts your skills to the test with 20 levels and only 30 seconds each – Try and 5-Star them all.
Anyways, you can find everything you need to get starter here: http://www.squidinabox.com/.

You guys can't really miss this!


  1. wtf nice trailer, but kinda too many different lights in this game x)

  2. Yeah i like the trailer too but i have to look more into it

  3. Not my kind of game, but I'll put it on my list of 'give it a try' games :)

  4. seems pretty funny, thanks for the review!

  5. i get a feel of claustrphobia its liek looking down into a barrel ! .. hahah. looks good :D

  6. looks a lot like scorgasm