21 Oct 2011

Mojang's Scrolls

Hello dear followers!
It's 3 am here and I'm not tired at all, so, I asked myself: "why don't I post what I was planning to write tomorrow?".

What's Scrolls

Scrolls is a new indie game under developement by Mojang, yep the Minecraft ones.
As they say, Scrolls is going to have a total new and unique gameplay based on fighting your opponent using powerful magical scrolls. Basically, we are going to get a card videogame!
Actually, everything is still misterious and I personally can't even imagine how would it look like.
On the other hand, the game should have a pretty long and interesting storyline set in some ancient imaginary world or, at least, this is what I can guess by browsing the official homepage.

What do you expect after you read that?

If you're old enough:

If you're not:

Being one of the "oldie" ones, I started to feel like to play like I used to do when I was, well, from 10 to 16 I guess. This can only mean one thing: all those nostalgic trading cards' gamers will finally get a chance to feel a little younger, which is the greatest strenght of this game.

Few unanswered questions

We know that this game is under developement since a long time ago right? then why don't they reveal anything? I mean, something like a trailer or just a short gameplay video.
Have you noticed that you can simply sign up for the alpha testing by writing your email in the bottom of the official website? well, does this mean that everyone is going to get his copy of the alpha version? who knows huh.

Personal thoughts

I really can't wait to try it, I hope that I'm not overrating it too much.
Also, I just got an idea on how should the game evolve, I mean, it shouldn't be a static game after the final realease, they should add from time to time new cards in order to make everything more dynamic.

By now, this, is basically the only thing we have about the upcoming game:

So, what do you think guys, is this going to be a failure or just another epic hit for Mojang?
Cheers :D


  1. who knows, meanwhile enjoy minecraft, is useless to hype in that new game at the currently level of development

  2. well yes, but the point is, how can we know whats its "level of developement"? they may be already at a good point!

  3. it's not going to be a failure but it can't reach magic !! : P

  4. i would need to look at gameplay to really make a descicion the concept is great, but ireally didint get minecraft until i saw it XD <3

  5. I still play Magic the Gathering and I'm almost 30 :)

  6. i've seen my brother playing with that..for some reason i can't be that good!

  7. Glad to see they won the lawsuit.

  8. Can't wait to play this bro, looks like it's gonna be amazing. Btw, next week we're having a d&d session tell me if you wanna join us :D