1 Oct 2011

50 followers! and real life

First of all I really wanna thank every single follower that I got in this month, damn I really appreciate it.
It gives me the strenght to focus myself on my little blog even more than before, but, from tomorrow I'll be living in Udine to attend the university's lessons, sadly, in my little flat that I rent with a couple of friends there isn't internet at the moment and I'll have time to post updates only during the next weekends.
Anyways, we will work to get our internet connection as soon as possible, though, it might take several weeks.
So I can tell you that in the future you have to expect: a Minecraft daily every saturday and most probably an entire new blog about my Starcraft life. Indie games like Scrolls and Cobalt, that you should check out, are going to have a post all about them on the next monday and I will write it during my lessons I believe :P.

So, this is it, I'm really glad that someone enjoys my posts, and I still hope that there will be more as life goes on, thank you really much and see you around :D


  1. Congrats on the followers! I've never played minecraft, but I hear about it a lot.

  2. Minecraft! I love that game.

  3. I'm playing minecraft aswell. What server do you play on?