12 Dec 2011

Indie gaming music, or just C418

Ok guys, haven't slept this night, I just probably have too many ideas/troubles that keep me totally awake without even making me tired, ew except this headache. Anyways let's get this post started!
While I was trying to sleep listening to some chilling music I realized that, my personal blog should contain everything I enjoy, including definitely underground music that comes out of indie games but not only, don't know if you have already read my other music related post.

Today! or if I have to be more precise this early morning I really have to throw down some lines about C418. Many of you may already know this guy from the Minecraft OST, and if you don't, well he's the mind behind every single track that you would hear playing the game.
Probably, what you're missing, is that he's almost continuously feeding his discography which is already huge enough to consider him as a real artist that should really deserve to be a musician for the rest of his life without even worrying about getting a job.
So, please, head over c418.org and start to understand what I always like to say: "the ones who really deserve something are those who get less". True story.

Just because I know how are you, I've also decided to put here a few tracks from his store, be sure to listen them.

The last one is actually from his major ambiental, drum & bass release, called 72 Minutes of Fame, hope you liked this unusual post, even because I'm really going to make more content regarding these authors. Peace!


  1. Really great post! Hope you post more content from them rly liked it :)

  2. C418 is great, without him Minecraft would be be complete!

  3. Very interesting its great to get new music /duderino :)

  4. loved the tracks, there's any way to download them directly?