24 Oct 2011

The Iconosclasts

Hi there!
Today I feel like talking a little bit about "The Iconoclasts", a game that I found by randomly surfing on the net.

What is it?
Basically, it's an adventure-platformer game developed by a guy named Konjak, also, the game has been officially submitted to IGF (Indipendent Games Festival), we will see what will happen.
Of course Konjak prepared a stunning trailer that shows all the incredible potential that The Iconoclasts has:

But this is not enough! Konjak on his website has released a playable demo absolutely for free! I decided to write something about this right after I played for a while.

More about the storyline
You are Robin, a mechanic, just as her father used to be, but here's the problem! in the world where she lives, that profession is strictly forbidden. The game should help you to discover why, by crossing forests and deserts and facing the level bosses (personally I had some problems while defeating the first one, can't imagine how complicated are the other ones :P).

I really suggest you all to give it a try, this game involves some new features that makes the gameplay totally different from the other common platformers, The Iconoclasts is MORE DYNAMIC, MORE CHALLENGING and DIFFERENT from the others.
Plus, I damn loved the artwork, everything looks where it is supposed to be be, from the colours of the environment to Robin's movements, now, I'm just waiting for the full release ;).


  1. Game seems cool, reminds me of Cave Story and maybe Fez a little bit. Nice find ;)

  2. Looks relly funny i think ill give it a shot :)

  3. i love these old school style games

  4. Yes.. companies dont get it, they stopped makign these games and went ahead to 3d and superb hraphics but the gameplaya nd ENTERtainment is LOST, these games are what big companies need, they need to go back to this!!! this is AWESOME!

  5. This blog makes me so nostalgic...