28 Mar 2012

Indie Gala 3, something that you can't miss

It is time for another "PAY WHAT YOU WANT" indie games bundle!
During these days (till 8th April) we will be able to purchase the latest bundle promoted by, in fact, by indiegala.com that features some great games, but also music, for the price you can really feel to pay.
Also, you don't have to forget that, by buying this, you can also contribute to a good cause donating some of the money you paid directly to charity. But, hey! There's even more: Paying more than the average grants you instant access to two more games; You may wonder how high could this price be, right?
Well, as I'm writing, it's set as $4.57 and, if I have to be fair with you, the real price of the entire list is actually more than $60.
But now, let's see shortly what are the title we could obtain:

Trapped Dead
The first tactical zombie survival game, comes with single and multiplayer modes, a 3rd person zombie shooting experience made by Crenetic team.

Greed: Black Border
A sci-fi action/RPG ambiented in the universe of Greed, if you ever wanted to go through an interstellar travel, then this is for you, brought to us by Clockstone Studio.

Future Wars
A strategy game rebuilt to be open to everyone, you won't need anymore that micro effort that every other RTS requires. made by Radon Labs.

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes
A 3D satirical RPG with a nice strategic combat system, somewhere close to Final Fantasy, made by Silent Dreams.

Twin Sector
I'm sure that I'll love this one, a first person action story including puzzles, enemies and a complete interaction with the environment, made byDnS Development.

I'll personally review these games in the next days, also, be sure to buy Indie Gala 3!

25 Mar 2012

CraftStudio, create your own indie game

Recently, indipendent game developing started to inspire continuously more amatorial teams to create their own game. Nowadays we can find thousands of game projects made by people that, not even a year go, didn't know a single line of coding. And that's basically why we are finding tools and engines more and more user-friendly; These, are finally permitting almost everyone to create what they always wanted, even with a very low knowledge base.


Sparklin Labs apparently made the process of creating a game, a game in itself!
CraftStudio was created from this simple idea, it combines high quality development tools with an editor clearly inspired by Minecraft. This may actually lead us to a new indie game generation when home-made projects will be competitive and gain success without big money bugets nor months of work without even seeing the main character moving around in the desired environment.

Of corse, to see this released, we will have to wait, and don't forget that the life of this ambitious project is stricktly connected to the funds campaign on indieGoGo.
I don't think there's anything else, check it out and watch this!

21 Mar 2012

What would Molydeux? MolyJam 2012!

As you probably have already understood, today I'm not going to talk about a game, today's topic is What Would Molydeux, a quite uncommon indie game jam that is going to last 48 hours which is going to take place from 30th March to 1st April.

First of all, you need to know a little bit of story; Everything started when someone decided to create a fake twitter account (with permissions, I guess) of Peter Molyneux, a well knows british game designer. This account, currently called @petermolydeux achieved recently 30.000 followers thank to its impossible game ideas, but I really suggest you to read some of them by yourself, I really found them pretty entertaining.

And here's the idea, game developement teams from all over the world, will have to create a game in 48 hours  based on any petermolydeux's tweet and, if you have read any of them, now you're understanding why I called previously this game jam, "uncommon". Till now, 16 teams/singles have signed up, fortunately for them, the author gave some tips on this competition in his personal blog (molydeux.tumblr.com), aren't they crazy as hell?

You can anyway read the latest news on the official MolyJam site: whatwouldmolydeux.com; If I were you, I'd bookmark it, is there anything else?
Get ready for an epic contest!

18 Mar 2012

Minecraft Parkour

Alright, I recently got into Minecraft Parkouring, unfortunately, my pc is too old to provide videos of what am I trying to build but, I just thought that I really had to share this recent trend which is becoming quite popular among minecrafters from all over the world.

What is it?

In the old times when Minecraft Beta 1.8 went live with lots of the features that changed definitely the game as we know it, creative minds started to think of maps involving the new sprint ability. By that time, we could just jump a little bit further and run a little bit more, but, parkour custom maps started to come out of nowhere reaching seriously unbelievable difficulties.
Something! made this sort of entertainment even better: Minecraft 1.0. Why am I saying so?
Simple, its new potions brewing concept introduced the potion of swiftness, giving a new boost to our spriting and letting us literally fly from a pillar to another and making us able to do things such as:

If you're just like me, well you just have no words left, if you're not well, I suggest you to look something else from m33taphor in his channel HERE.

Hoping to have inspired someone, bye!

14 Mar 2012

Lemma! a perfect combination between Minecraft and Mirror's Edge

Welcome back! It's time to share something about Lemma and its brand new playable alpha version, I just found some time to give it a shot and you all should do the same!

Evan Todd aka et1337

Exactly, this time you are reading about a game made by just one single person, Evan Todd, a professional indie game developer with just one goal in his mind release as much digital games as possible and donate all the revenue to charity. He started this project in his spare time just one year ago and now, well, we are about to play a rather cool game. Reach him at et1337.wordpress.com.

A worty game

Alright, Lemma is a first person parkour game at its apha stage, I'm sure it will become famous for its unique atmoshere but also for this strange look that recalls inevitably Minecraft and Mirror's Edge. I've played it and enjoyed the time spent, I just hope that you don't focus your judgement on the occasional bugs that you WILL encounter, however, forgetting those, Lemma has a bright  future. I definitely loved they way you get clues about what's going on (through messages on your phone), it just flows in a perfect way. Also, besides bugs, the controls should be the next work object, it's way too difficult to manage all those keys, but that's just a personal sensation. Overall? a great game!

Just keep in mind that you can play Lemma for free, get it now at lemmagame.com.

10 Mar 2012

Children Of Liberty, an indipendent american revolution

Hello indie gamers!
Today I'm bringing to you Children of Liberty, a platformer by Lantana Games in a early developement status but with a pretty interesting free alpha.

Lantana Games

Lantana Games is an indipendent game developement studio based in Boston founded by two guys and, as they say: "they like it that way". They have already released two products in 2009 but their very first major game is surely going to be Children of Liberty. I suggest you to always check their site lantanagames.com as they will update new versions of their game and put it in free download, also, if you don't mind, donate a few bucks so they will release Children of Liberty on time!

A little bit of gameplay

First, as I always do, I'll drop the trailer just to let you really understand of what are we talking about

(Did you see? from now on I'll be posting videos at their original dimension, and not anymore in that awful tiny version).
Back to the game, this is a quite interesting stealth platformer, where everything looks like it is drawn on paper. I know, most of you would say that these graphics were cool 20 years ago, I can also agree, but haven't you ever got some true nostalgia of what games are used to be?
We will have 4 unique playable charcters, and we'll have to accomplish their spying mission through a 2D world combined with innovative 3D environment. Oh and, take advantage of the shadows!

And remember, the alpha version is downloadable for free on their site (scroll a little bit up), go! and fall in love with Children of Liberty!

4 Mar 2012

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler!

 Exactly, this sunday is perfect to spend some time exploring Containment, an interesting puzzle game ambiented in a city with a clear problem with zombies, the game was released on Steam a couple of days ago and the price, around 4€, it's seriously a great deal.

Bootsnake Games

It's an indie team based in Seattle composed by three experienced developers that wanted to create games on their own. You can find them at bootsnakegames.com where they usually announce anything related to their very first game created.
But, I guess it's time to tell you something more about the game in itself, isn't it?

A few game styles "all in one"

Except that, the music, the sound effects and everything that appears in the trailer would make anyone willing to buy the game, let's anyway metion all the great features that you can get for something less than 4€.
The initial concept is fairly simple, you kill zombies by surrounding them with 4 same "good intentioned" units, the real fun fact is how! different units causes different brutal ways to eliminate the enemies. Also, we don't have to forget that, fortunately, sometimes the sky helps you by dropping items that are more likely killing machines.
There are two game modes:

  • Campaign: Including nearly a hundred levels where you'll face yourself against epic boss fights
  • Survival: A run with no time limit, keep your eyes open or fail badly!
Keep also in mind that Containment is a single player only but, you can always compete with your friends through the leaderboards system. So, can you find anything bad about this game? I don't think so.