14 Mar 2012

Lemma! a perfect combination between Minecraft and Mirror's Edge

Welcome back! It's time to share something about Lemma and its brand new playable alpha version, I just found some time to give it a shot and you all should do the same!

Evan Todd aka et1337

Exactly, this time you are reading about a game made by just one single person, Evan Todd, a professional indie game developer with just one goal in his mind release as much digital games as possible and donate all the revenue to charity. He started this project in his spare time just one year ago and now, well, we are about to play a rather cool game. Reach him at et1337.wordpress.com.

A worty game

Alright, Lemma is a first person parkour game at its apha stage, I'm sure it will become famous for its unique atmoshere but also for this strange look that recalls inevitably Minecraft and Mirror's Edge. I've played it and enjoyed the time spent, I just hope that you don't focus your judgement on the occasional bugs that you WILL encounter, however, forgetting those, Lemma has a bright  future. I definitely loved they way you get clues about what's going on (through messages on your phone), it just flows in a perfect way. Also, besides bugs, the controls should be the next work object, it's way too difficult to manage all those keys, but that's just a personal sensation. Overall? a great game!

Just keep in mind that you can play Lemma for free, get it now at lemmagame.com.


  1. This looks awesome! I'm downloading it now :D

  2. Wow, free too! This is really cool!