21 Mar 2012

What would Molydeux? MolyJam 2012!

As you probably have already understood, today I'm not going to talk about a game, today's topic is What Would Molydeux, a quite uncommon indie game jam that is going to last 48 hours which is going to take place from 30th March to 1st April.

First of all, you need to know a little bit of story; Everything started when someone decided to create a fake twitter account (with permissions, I guess) of Peter Molyneux, a well knows british game designer. This account, currently called @petermolydeux achieved recently 30.000 followers thank to its impossible game ideas, but I really suggest you to read some of them by yourself, I really found them pretty entertaining.

And here's the idea, game developement teams from all over the world, will have to create a game in 48 hours  based on any petermolydeux's tweet and, if you have read any of them, now you're understanding why I called previously this game jam, "uncommon". Till now, 16 teams/singles have signed up, fortunately for them, the author gave some tips on this competition in his personal blog (molydeux.tumblr.com), aren't they crazy as hell?

You can anyway read the latest news on the official MolyJam site: whatwouldmolydeux.com; If I were you, I'd bookmark it, is there anything else?
Get ready for an epic contest!

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  1. Its great to see development and worldwide interest for Non commercial owned companis that exploit and cash in witht he creation of an artist of developer, this is how things should have been, int he past developers distrubuted and sold the game on their own.. and big publishers are good for ads and sales campaigns.. but a lot of creativity was lost in the mergin... LETS FIX IT :D