25 Mar 2012

CraftStudio, create your own indie game

Recently, indipendent game developing started to inspire continuously more amatorial teams to create their own game. Nowadays we can find thousands of game projects made by people that, not even a year go, didn't know a single line of coding. And that's basically why we are finding tools and engines more and more user-friendly; These, are finally permitting almost everyone to create what they always wanted, even with a very low knowledge base.


Sparklin Labs apparently made the process of creating a game, a game in itself!
CraftStudio was created from this simple idea, it combines high quality development tools with an editor clearly inspired by Minecraft. This may actually lead us to a new indie game generation when home-made projects will be competitive and gain success without big money bugets nor months of work without even seeing the main character moving around in the desired environment.

Of corse, to see this released, we will have to wait, and don't forget that the life of this ambitious project is stricktly connected to the funds campaign on indieGoGo.
I don't think there's anything else, check it out and watch this!


  1. Keeping an eye on this. I'd LOVE to make my own little game, and with any luck it won't be long until I can! :D

  2. Wow, I really like this :D
    Maybe someday I can make my own game and you can review it lol :D

  3. This sounds WAY more fun than Construct2. Thats what we have been using to develop our game.