18 Mar 2012

Minecraft Parkour

Alright, I recently got into Minecraft Parkouring, unfortunately, my pc is too old to provide videos of what am I trying to build but, I just thought that I really had to share this recent trend which is becoming quite popular among minecrafters from all over the world.

What is it?

In the old times when Minecraft Beta 1.8 went live with lots of the features that changed definitely the game as we know it, creative minds started to think of maps involving the new sprint ability. By that time, we could just jump a little bit further and run a little bit more, but, parkour custom maps started to come out of nowhere reaching seriously unbelievable difficulties.
Something! made this sort of entertainment even better: Minecraft 1.0. Why am I saying so?
Simple, its new potions brewing concept introduced the potion of swiftness, giving a new boost to our spriting and letting us literally fly from a pillar to another and making us able to do things such as:

If you're just like me, well you just have no words left, if you're not well, I suggest you to look something else from m33taphor in his channel HERE.

Hoping to have inspired someone, bye!

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  1. There's an entire indie game based off the concept of minecraft parkour. :D