10 Mar 2012

Children Of Liberty, an indipendent american revolution

Hello indie gamers!
Today I'm bringing to you Children of Liberty, a platformer by Lantana Games in a early developement status but with a pretty interesting free alpha.

Lantana Games

Lantana Games is an indipendent game developement studio based in Boston founded by two guys and, as they say: "they like it that way". They have already released two products in 2009 but their very first major game is surely going to be Children of Liberty. I suggest you to always check their site lantanagames.com as they will update new versions of their game and put it in free download, also, if you don't mind, donate a few bucks so they will release Children of Liberty on time!

A little bit of gameplay

First, as I always do, I'll drop the trailer just to let you really understand of what are we talking about

(Did you see? from now on I'll be posting videos at their original dimension, and not anymore in that awful tiny version).
Back to the game, this is a quite interesting stealth platformer, where everything looks like it is drawn on paper. I know, most of you would say that these graphics were cool 20 years ago, I can also agree, but haven't you ever got some true nostalgia of what games are used to be?
We will have 4 unique playable charcters, and we'll have to accomplish their spying mission through a 2D world combined with innovative 3D environment. Oh and, take advantage of the shadows!

And remember, the alpha version is downloadable for free on their site (scroll a little bit up), go! and fall in love with Children of Liberty!

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