28 Mar 2012

Indie Gala 3, something that you can't miss

It is time for another "PAY WHAT YOU WANT" indie games bundle!
During these days (till 8th April) we will be able to purchase the latest bundle promoted by, in fact, by indiegala.com that features some great games, but also music, for the price you can really feel to pay.
Also, you don't have to forget that, by buying this, you can also contribute to a good cause donating some of the money you paid directly to charity. But, hey! There's even more: Paying more than the average grants you instant access to two more games; You may wonder how high could this price be, right?
Well, as I'm writing, it's set as $4.57 and, if I have to be fair with you, the real price of the entire list is actually more than $60.
But now, let's see shortly what are the title we could obtain:

Trapped Dead
The first tactical zombie survival game, comes with single and multiplayer modes, a 3rd person zombie shooting experience made by Crenetic team.

Greed: Black Border
A sci-fi action/RPG ambiented in the universe of Greed, if you ever wanted to go through an interstellar travel, then this is for you, brought to us by Clockstone Studio.

Future Wars
A strategy game rebuilt to be open to everyone, you won't need anymore that micro effort that every other RTS requires. made by Radon Labs.

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes
A 3D satirical RPG with a nice strategic combat system, somewhere close to Final Fantasy, made by Silent Dreams.

Twin Sector
I'm sure that I'll love this one, a first person action story including puzzles, enemies and a complete interaction with the environment, made byDnS Development.

I'll personally review these games in the next days, also, be sure to buy Indie Gala 3!

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  1. I kinda like this... I won't miss it, if you say so dude :D