4 Mar 2012

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler!

 Exactly, this sunday is perfect to spend some time exploring Containment, an interesting puzzle game ambiented in a city with a clear problem with zombies, the game was released on Steam a couple of days ago and the price, around 4€, it's seriously a great deal.

Bootsnake Games

It's an indie team based in Seattle composed by three experienced developers that wanted to create games on their own. You can find them at bootsnakegames.com where they usually announce anything related to their very first game created.
But, I guess it's time to tell you something more about the game in itself, isn't it?

A few game styles "all in one"

Except that, the music, the sound effects and everything that appears in the trailer would make anyone willing to buy the game, let's anyway metion all the great features that you can get for something less than 4€.
The initial concept is fairly simple, you kill zombies by surrounding them with 4 same "good intentioned" units, the real fun fact is how! different units causes different brutal ways to eliminate the enemies. Also, we don't have to forget that, fortunately, sometimes the sky helps you by dropping items that are more likely killing machines.
There are two game modes:

  • Campaign: Including nearly a hundred levels where you'll face yourself against epic boss fights
  • Survival: A run with no time limit, keep your eyes open or fail badly!
Keep also in mind that Containment is a single player only but, you can always compete with your friends through the leaderboards system. So, can you find anything bad about this game? I don't think so.

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