25 Feb 2012

Cradle, what can we expect?

Yesterday I got totally caught by the first gameplay video of this game, its name is Cradle and I believe that it is going to offer something that the indie, and more in general the gaming, scene is still missing! Now that I have gathered the needed details I just can't wait to write the few usual thoughts. Sadly, there is still nothing playable, we'll have to wait till this spring;
I'm just hoping to bring some interest in it.

Flying Cafe for Semianimals?

Believe me or not, that is the name of the studio working on Cradle, it was founded in January 2011 and it counts not more than a dozen of really experienced game developers.
It's also interesting to understand why, and how, did they choose their name, so, here's the story: They wanted to provide games with a fresh visual impact that makes the player feel like being part of them. So, the idea of a flying cafe was perfectly matching the needs of being a "different" game developing studio, but, the cafe was missing the costumers by that time. That's why they added thier target, these semianimals (us, the players), people in need of a  well-structured virtual refuge.

Reach them here: flying-cafe.com

But, what is this?

Let me throw right here the first gameplay video:

(gotta love the soundtrack, for real)
Here we are, Cradle is a sci-fi first person quest game that involves freedom by any meaning. The plot is based on a love story between the protagonist and a mechanical girl that find themselves in the desert Mongolian hills.
I also have to say that the strong point of this adventure appears to be the incredible setting such as:

or also:

By now, there's nothing clear about this, except some spoilers that the devs shared with us, like, there will be two main locations and one of them will be a small fun park dominated by brain teasers with some arcade components. The other one will be a place to reflect about the original events that are completely aside the puzzles. Err, at the moment I'm afraid that these sentences are just causing some mess.

So, we just have to wait, as usual :\


  1. It looks gorgeous! Love the name of the company as well.

  2. The Setting is really well made, nice unique atmosphere :)

  3. The graphics look really nice.