3 Feb 2012

_ensnare_ scores once again, with Binary Opposition

Exams are finally done, or well, I passed one of them at least, so, you guys know what does this mean?
No? Then let me explain: I AM FREE! free of updating as much as I want Should Be Indie, free of finally do what I really find interesting, expect an explosive February!

There couldn't be anything better than a post about _ensnare_ and his new album, produced also with another talented chiptune artist, .mpegasus (the dot is not even a typo). _ensnare_ recently released a live mix where you can also listen to some of the new songs and, believe me, these will be 30 minutes well spent, give it a try just by clicking on the play button down here, you won't regret!

So if you still dont know this guy you could just head over his blog, ensnare8bit, or read what I've wrote some months ago here.

Binary Opposition

So, yeah today's topic is Binary Opposition, a tasty album composed by 10 tracks that you can buy from his blog for less than 10 bucks, as I said 4 of the songs are completely made by _ensnare_, other 4, by .mpegasus and the rest are made in collaboration. Personally the best one is "Ask Me Anything" which climbed in less than 2 days the top 25 songs of my iPod, mostly because, it transmits real feelings. I'm pretty sure that you will get what I've just said when you'll listen it for the first time. I wish I could share some tracks but it's impossible and I just hate those who upload songs on youtube that are not free to download, _ensnare_ really deserves to live off his work.
Can only drop here the preview and say goodbye:

Stay 8 bit!


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