18 Jan 2012

Flip's Adventure, a platformer by DigiPen

Hello! I'm taking another break from my study to make a short post about Flip's Adventure, a new adventure-platformer made by the Singapore DigiPen's students. If you would like to know something more about what I've just said, I suggest you to check my old post about Nitronic Rush HERE.

Unfortunatelly, on DigiPen's there's basically nothing about the developers, and the game does not even have an official site. So, I guess we could already skip to our usual gameplay analysis.

Here's the game!

The plot is fairly simple, we are in a world where a huge war between humans and machines is started. As the name suggests, you impersonate Flip, a blonde guy sent by the humans to sabotage the robots' central core. The visual concept is quite simple, so is the gameplay, the only thing that I enjoyed particularly a lot is the achievement system which is strangely various, considering that we're talking about an indie game.
Flip's Adventure is composed by 20 levels and, as far as I've played, they are structured in numerous 2D parts where you have to find an object (which is a puzzle piece) that, at the end of the last level, should make the player realize what's the true Flip's identity. Though, I don't know what does this mean, heh, finals have their priority :(.

I also have to apologize for the short post and the lack of information, but I just wanted to say that I'm still here! And in about 2 weeks, I'll restart to write detailed posts like before.

Here's the official, AND FREE, download page: Flip's Adventure download page.


  1. For an indie game, this doesn't seem very indie...

  2. I liked it! Looks a little like Braid, and Braid is one of my favourite games.
    Will play at least 5 levels, and then I decide if will continue =P

  3. Hi thanks for even playing our game!
    We hope u had fun! :)

    our facebook page:

    currently broken website

  4. @Team SwitchTeam

    of course i had fun, the game is simply unique, had a great time :D