1 Jan 2012

Nitronic Rush, and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What's up everybody!
Had a great time yesterday's night and I hope you guys too :D so happy new year to everyone!

Today I'm taking a break from my endless studying to share something about Nitronic Rush, it's definitely a game that reminds me of Tron, yes, the movie you've probably seen last year at the cinema.
Had an incredible and unexpected fun playing, even though I'm not a huge fan of cars and "run for your life" games so, here's first of all the official trailer:

Something about DigiPen

When it was founded, in the far 1988, DigiPen was just a company focused on computer animation and simulation, as things went on, it turned into a real university of computer technology.
Now, it provides several degrees and in 2008, thanks to the growing applies, a new campus was estabilished in Singapore. That's why it has all the rights to be defined the leader in the field of digital interactive entertainment education. DigiPen students have also placed the largest number of student projects in the Independent Games Festival student showcase every year since it began, with a total of 23 winning game projects, but this statement may be just outdated.
Team Nitronic, composed of 11 people, along with their phenomenal game come actually from there.

And the game?

Right, first of all I totally have to admire the way they built Nitronic Rush, it is totally coded in C++ without any help of pre-existent engines, just look at the graphics, aren't that a sign of the tremendous effort the've put in it? Personally, back when I used to study IT at high school, I always wondered how could this was possible, I wasn't even able to code something harder than the usual tic tac toe, well, probably it wasn't the right life path for me.
Anyways back to the game, the controls are a bit tricky, that's probably why the developers recommend an xbox 360 controller, but it goes enough fine even without. And, here's the music section, the one and only! so, Nitronic Rush has a totally different concept of soundtrack, first of all, because you won't hear any 8bit music like we are used to find in every indie game, and, it is totally dynamic, I mean, it speeds up along with the car you are controlling. So, here's the problem, the developers are having some issues trying to create a real digital album, probably because they don't have those tracks at all.
Unfortunately, the story mode is quite short, but the other modes such as hardcore, stunt and challenge should keep you enteratained for a while.

You really want to know why do I know already that you're going to try it? BECAUSE IT'S TOTALLY FREE, DOWNLOAD IT AND HAVE FUN!

Official site: nitronic-rush.com  just do it!


  1. Happy new year to you too!

  2. happy new year!
    that vid is cool, makes a nice ambiance the music and all :)