18 Feb 2012

Mojam bundle!

Sup guys!
Tonight's topic is Mojam bundle, even if I think that most of you already know what is this about, I just wanted to share my personal opinion about it.

What is it?

The video is pretty much selfexplanatory, but lets say a couple of things more.
Mojang team, in association with humblebundle.com, is creating a new game. The game, which is at the moment unnamed, has to be done and fully working by the end of this Sunday, as they promised, will they make it ?
Why is this something that deserves some attention?
The answer is simple, first: during this weekend you can preorder the game with the method "pay what you want", second: they are live streaming the whole work from the beginning to the end (18 hours left), third: ALL the revenue will be donated to charity!
Sadly, if you have already watched the video, you can see Notch aiming for 1 million dollars, at the moment they are slightly above $300.000,  and the counter doesn't seem to move as fast as yesterday.

Some thoughts

Well, beside the noble purpose, I want to talk a little bit about the game in itself.
Still in case you didn't know, last week, mojang.com run a poll asking for what did they have to make including the genre and the setting, but! they were going to combine the first place with the last one and here is what happened: we are going to see a Real time strategy shoot em up ambiented in an ancient Egypt steampunk, I mean, WHAT?
While the theme is not that hard to make, I'm really wondering how can a shoot 'em up be combined with an RTS, I can't even think to any already existing game that could barely match those requirements.

Tomorrow we will find out!


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