12 Feb 2012

Driftmoon, your indie full featured RPG

God, I'm so glad that I've finally found a game that could remind me that, no matter what, RPGs are just the better games that have been ever invented.
Today I'll just spend some time describing Driftmoon, a great RPG currently under heavy developing by Instant Kingdom.

Few words about Instant Kingdom

It is an indipendent game developement studio based in Finland, well, it is more likely an indie project kept alive by Ville and Anne Mönkkönen. Actually, this is just their newer game, they have worked on many other games that I will personally try out in the next days, anyways, you can always find more on their official website: instantkingdom.com.

The true roleplaying experience

Alright, according to the website Driftmoon is a roleplaying game that tells the story of the Pendant of Life, there isn't already an official release date, we just know that it will be anytime soon in 2012. You can already preorder the game paying 14.99$, but! Fortunately, they just released a pretty long demo (downloadable for free) that definitely changed my mind.
The game comes with 4 difficulty levels, and right after having chose one, you'll need to distribute your first points through the old style stats that were, and are: Strenght, Dexterity, Agility, Constitution, Intelligence. Everything begins with a letter from your quite scared father that asks you to go to his inn as soon as you can.
Once you get there, your mother pushes you into the well right behind you ( i know that sounds pretty weird) and your adventure begins!
I really don't want to spoil anything else, I'm just here to recommend this amazing RPG to all of you, fun is completely guaranteed!

P.S: If you don't like to read a lot then this game might not be for you, but DAMN YOU! this is how RPGs are supposed to be!
Download the demo here: Download page


  1. Sounds like a good, old-fashioned RPG then! I'll check it out!

  2. Very nice, It's truly a work of RPG-Art

  3. I like RPG's, but I'm just as fond of games in the strategy genre.