19 Oct 2011

A small and joyful update :D

So guys, as you may know, during the week I'm far away from home because I decided to attend the university courses in Udine, but!
Today, in my little flat where I live with a couple of friends, just came a real good friend of mine, INTERNET!
This means that, from the next week, I'll be able to produce more content and be more active in here :D
By now I'm just writing from a friend's notebook, I will personally bring my damn old PC in here this Sunday, just can't wait anymore!

Don't know why am I writing this, I can only say that I am sooo excited! And now that I am here, I take this wonderful opportunity to thank all my followers, from first to last, I really appreciate you guys!

See you soon ;D


  1. hear, hear! i know how it feels without that dear friend, and it sucks big time!
    and btw, you're welcome! :)