9 Dec 2011

The darkness of: Limbo

Couldn't resist a hour more to talk about Limbo, so there we go!
Yesterday I was browsing Steam's indie games section, when I was about to close it I decided to look for one last game that sounded interesting, right after that, I came across Limbo's page. Its trailer explains it all, Limbo was, without any doubt, a game that I had to buy. Tried it, and now, I MUST write something about it.

About Playdead

Playdead is an indie game developing team composed by 15 danish guys. Well, they will be 16 very soon since they are looking for any sort of developer to permanently work with them. I guess that their recent 1.000.000 downloads hit made them think that they could easily offer another place in order to create a new game also better than this.

Why should you really buy and try it?

First of all, because it costs just 9,99€, other than that, because Limbo has seriously one of the most original content I've ever seen in indie games. It has some great creepy setting, gorgeous visual art and balanced puzzling components that don't ruin the gameplay not even for a while. Playdead did an amazing job with the creation of this 2D puzzle adventure, not by coincidence it won  two awards at the last Indie Game Festival.
I just got some initial problems by resolving the first puzzles, finding your way through deep lakes and deadly circumstances may not look clear at the beginning of your journey.

And now let's leave the usual link list and end this up, GOTTA FINISH THE GAME.

Official site: http://limbogame.org/
Email (if you want to show some love to them): fan@playdead.com


  1. Cool game. Freaked out at the place with the spider... i hate spiders

  2. this game looks cool
    have to try it

  3. I want this game. Got to install the 360 again.

  4. I played this game so much... really love these games. Write about super meat boy :D

  5. wow it's amazing how u can save requirments and do a game like this. awesome