3 May 2012

Hartacon, a quite interesting RPG project

Being italian, I really MUST talk about Hartacon, one of the most promising indie projects that I've ever seen in my country (it makes me proud, somehow). Hartacon is being developed by Daniele Messina under his alias (Charlie Fleed) and a small group of people, including his brother. The original game was going to be created in RPG Maker but they decided to export it in XNA, in order to release it on Xbox and PC.

But what is Hartacon Tactics?

Hartacon is an isometrical tactical RPG just like Final Fantasy Tactics, if you know it. As you can see from the video above here, this game is characterized by colourful graphics, and a free zooming/rotating camera.
It still lacks of any audio and the sprites in use are just a rip from another game but, you can't really say that it isn't a tasty plan, am I right?
A multi-player mode has been scheduled either through the internet or via LAN as long as an alliances system not yet clear.

Follow the development on the official youtube channel!


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