17 May 2012

Kyoto plays with your senses

I'll be spending just a couple of minutes to remember you guys that Kyoto reached its beta stage and you know what? It's downloadable for free!

But, what's Kyoto?

I must admit, I totally didn't get the point of the whole game, in the beginning.
This happened probably because it was my very first approach with an interactive ambiental musical visualizer.
I can't really say that the game is actually "fun" to play, but if you're that kind of people that loves design concepts, and ambiental music, Kyoto is probably an experience for you.
Also, please, give it time! Kyoto is not a rushy game, take your time while figuring out if the surrounding elements do anything, poke them with your mouse, patience is all you need;
I swear, you won't regret!

If you're into coding and things like that, well, the game is developed in C++ with the help of OpenGL in a game engine of their propriety called "FunkEngine"; Definitely a quite powerful combo if it permits to create things like this!

Get a free copy HERE, and show to the three indie developers some love!


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