6 May 2012

Funding Sunday, Turf Battles - Reawakening

Hello guys!
For our second episode of Funding Sunday I chose Turf Battles, and, even if they have already reached the aimed money, remember that everyone can still help them by giving some more.
So, let's start by saying why did this project amazed me enough to bring it here.

First of all, the indie development team Envision, is already funding the entire project since the very first day from their own pockets, bringing already something to show that is more than a concept. Everything is getting done in their free time and all the money requested will be used to license their game engine and to get help from outsourcing artists and programmers.

So what's this all about?

I mean, the brilliant graphics should just be enough to get Turf Battles live.
Anyway, we're talking about an MMO focused on the fast paced PvP system that characterized Diablo 2, as the developers said, excluding also the commont pointless grinding that makes every MMO equal to each other.

Find more about the story, features and many more on their funding page hosted by indieGoGo.com.


  1. I can't help but feel that this will be like every MMO ultimately, as each one tries to go different and never succeeds...

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