23 May 2012

Cave Chaos 2, unstable platformer

As you may have already noticed, I'm not a huge fan of browser games but, damn, today I got really something worthy.
Cave Chaos 2, by Nitrome, is a freshly published platformer that really deserves a little try.


Nitrome is a huge "indie" company that releases every once in a while high quality browser games characterized by an indistinguishable pixel art that I'm sure, no one can dare to dislike.
All their games are easily playable directly on their site, which is more like a colourful collection of free to play browser games, delicious! Check this awesomeness here at nitrome.com.

On the main topic

Why did I decide to talk about a browser game for the very first time?
Maybe because I had so much fun playing it! Cave Chaos 2 is an excellent combination between casual platformers and hardcore ones.
The way to follow is brought piece by piece by some flying bats and guess what, after a short amount of time they even take away parts of the platforms. You'd better be fast or you'll be facing a horrible death!
And since I'm pretty sure that I couldn't describe the simple gameplay the way I wanted, here's a long walk-through of the game:

I really was a bit skeptical about Cave Chaos 2, the environment never changes, neither the music does. But, as I already told you, the strenght of this game is the "rushy" gameplay, how can you think of the monotony while you have to jump and dodge all the time without being even able to take a break?

Play the game here!


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