11 Sep 2011

Minecraft: 1.8 prerelease

So here our quick and very first update,
I hope everyone already knows what am I about to say, in particular, the "Adventure update". The upcoming 1.8 version is the one that will change totally minecraft's gaming experience, adding thousand of new features, such as NPCs, rivers, canyons, new monsters to deal with. Anyways if you really dont know anything about this I suggest you to check the official site: http://www.minecraft.net and also the other links that appear in the bottom of the home.

Anyways, assuming that you skipped the first part of this post here's how can try minecraft 1.8, first of all you definitely need:

-A PC.
-A paid version of the game (being a premium user basically)
-And what am I going to link down here

Download the 1.8 minecraft.jar
Once you've downloaded that file place it in the folder called ".minecraft" which is in "C:\WINDOWS\AppData"

And this is pretty much it!


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