13 Sep 2011

Living in 1.8 prerelease, Daily #1

Recently started to play a new world in Minecraft prerelease (explained everything in the last post) so, today I've guessed that I could share my own adventure day by day here, in order to provide screenshots of the new content, but also making a bit of enteratainment.

So, here we go with the first Daily update:

I spawned right here, there were nothing but trees around me so i picked a random direction and started to walk, after a while I realized that I was already facing a new feature, in fact, after this update we won't see anymore the usual "fast setting change", this means that we will see huge plain areas, mountains or as you can see right down here, deserts.

I decided to turn back just because by that time the only thing I needed to find was coal. Night was approacing and I was lucky enough to literally fall in a hole where I could find a big vein of coal with which i made a lot of torches. The darkness came, so the only thing I had to do, in order to stay alive, was to wall off the entrance and wait there till morning. My first shelter looked like this:

In the morning I was hungry, I had to find some pigs and cows since from now on they drop steaks too. After some hunting without eating i tried out how does starving mean, basically if you run out of food you will lose a half heart each 5 seconds or so, unfortunately I couldn't find my way home and I started to walk through the forest. This was the result, I found some iron on the surface AND! discovered an amazing canyon!

After having enjoyed the view for quite a while I had to find a new spot for my settlement. I chose this one, mainly because of the lack of time.

And in the second night I lived here, yes, it was still a hole but, looked more like a place to call home.

We're done for today, except for an unanswered question that came up in my mind:
Whats the function of that sort of experience bar?


  1. Nice adventure! Can't wait to try this game out myself :))

  2. Thanks for the comments guys, will definitely keep this up ;D