15 Sep 2011

1.8 came out! Digging in the darkness, Daily #2

Yep! Minecraft 1.8 version got released yesterday, I thought that I could anyways keep these dailies up, even because I enjoy writing them.
Anyways after having realized that my blog was turning into a "minecraft exclusive" one, I already announce that my next update is going to cover Bastion, an indie game recently released even on Steam.

But! here's the story:

After a nightmare I managed to sleep, when I woke up, I just started to look around around the lake I found. Not even a minute was passed when I found this, a good looking deep hole in the ground with a funny zombie on fire. This inspired me to dig till down there hoping to find something rare, or at least having a nice time by exploring that place.

 And from my safe gravel block and with my iron sword in the right hand I started to see what was really going on there, it appeared a bigger place than the thought. Carefully i created some stairs that led me down, walled off the hole and everything looked so, scary.

Encountered some creepers, almost had a heart attack, fought some skeletons and zombies but my lighting up process finally was done, except for a strange light beside me. I fastly turned and I saw nothing but lava! looked pretty strange at this height.

Right after this discovery, I literally got attacked by 3 spiders came out of nowhere, fortunately my iron sword was strong enough to kill them landing also a lot of critical hits by jumping then hitting (couldn't manage to get a screenshot of the sparkles that come out after a critical, sadly). Actually I was pretty lucky, they dropped a string each so I could make a bow. With the new weapon I decided to explore the last tunnel left, which looked like this

(damn that, the zombie staring at me in the shadows it's hard to see in this small version of the picture, I suggest to click it to see it clearly :P)
Fought some other zombies and achieved almost a stack of iron blocks in total, nothing more but suddently hunger became unbearable, ran till my safe spot and decided to eat some rotten flash, a new item that gets dropped by zombies. Look what happened:

The food counter became greeny!
although nothing else happened, I'm still wondering what could that be, anyways after having waited for the morning I easily reached the surface, and my home with a new bow and a lot of iron in my backpack!

My second daily ends up here, I hope you've enjoyed it, see you!


  1. You are putting out some pretty great stuff, I recommend to start reading and following other blogs and get to know the writers and you know we all help each other out. So follow other blogs and comment on everything you like, make sure to leave a link!

  2. Thanks for the constructive criticism!