10 Apr 2012

Indie Gala 3, Trapped Dead

Today, we're going to finish the regular games coverage, those that you can get nearly for free, considering that some extra time has been added. There is still 5 days till the real end of sales, get your Indie Gala 3 here: indiegala.com.

Back on topic, Trapped Dead, a survival real time strategy has been developed by Crenetic studio and published by Headup Games.
Unfortunately, I couldn't really find anything else about the developers so, let's get this started.

The zombie apocalypse!

The story takes place in the early 80's where, as usual, a new virus rapidly infected the inhabitants of a small town. Two college boys, in search of gas, are fastly pulled into a horror scenario where they will have to fight for their life instead of enjoying their trip.
The player controls the character in a 3rd person view while dealing with an incredible game atmosphere filled up with surprise elements, traps and lots of unique weapons to crash thousands of zombie heads.
What's really cool, or I think that would be, is the multiplayer co-op action; Sadly, I still didn't find anyone to play with.
But, and don't get me wrong here, there's maybe just one issue, Trapped Dead is actually a really short game; This! is pretty much why you can't really miss Indie Gala, you can obtain this, along with everything else for LESS than the real price of Trapped Dead.

I really want to end this up by mentioning the awesome visual art around this game, see by yourself in the official website under the section "artworks": trappeddead.com.
Stay tuned!

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  1. This looked so much like a comic I refused to believe it was a game until I saw it.