6 Apr 2012

Indie Gala 3, Last 2 days!

I'm already late to report that every single bonus is unlocked, but, considering that this april will be remembered as the IndieGala-April, an article regarding the bundle at its full potential was extremely needed!
Currently, the average price is 4.69$, you know what does this mean?
Means that you can get 7 games, 4 music albums and for the first time even an indie comic for just 5 bucks!
But now let's check what have they added during these two weeks starting from the games:


A spectacular car racing game, the best indie in this genre, as most of the people claims. Innovative gameplay along with incredible high quality 3D graphics and physics.

Gear Grinder

The only steamless game.
An arcade racing game where you'll be controlling a truck provided with massive weapons to create devastation wherever you want! A challenge for every kind of gamer, complete all the 45 different missions!

Not only music!

Now, let's try to say something about Sonia The Cruel, I must admit, this is a quite unexpected bonus.
It's an indipendent comic book revealed the last month; The artists and producers also want to make clear that this is not going to be an imitation of any kind.
So, you got two days (if you haven't bought it yet) to see the first prologue chapter or read something about the project here: soniathecruel.wordpress.com.

For the series, "last but not least" here is all the music you can get!

  • Electric Children - All Night Party
  • DJ Cutman - Chiptune Hero
  • F777 - Viper EP
  • F777 - REMOTION Vol. 2
Last call! Get everything here: indiegala.com


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