12 Apr 2012

Indie Gala 3, FlatOut

It really passed a lot of time since a game could keep me an entire day on my computer, but well, today we're going to be looking at FlatOut, a rather old game that was included in Indie Gala 3 after the first week.
I've also have to add that I'm really not a huge fan of racing games, probably because I've never been good at them.

Bugbear Entertainment

Its an indie team based in Finland founded in 2000, except FlatOut series they developed other games like Ridge Racer Undounded (released this year), Sega Rally (2007) and Glimmerati (2005). They are mostly known for having redefined the whole genre of "action racing"; Find more about this multi-platform developing team on bugbear.fi!

Get on the car!

I know many of you knew already FlatOut but, It deserves its place between all the other reviews mainly because I really enjoyed the whole experience.
So! Do you love speeding, crashing, jumping and... dying?
Then FlatOut is definitely what are you looking for, the game was released in 2004 and it has already a sequel. We're basically talking about a standard racing game featuring the usual stuff like, unlocking new circuits as soon as you get a good placement on the previous ones, limited upgrades and a fair amount of unique cars to drive. But, there's something that makes this game really uncommon, everything is filled up with EXPLOSIONS!
There are also a huge variety of funny challenges that may generate a stand-alone game by themselves so, why not playing it?

Remember, 3 days until the end! indiegala.com

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  1. I thought that FlatOut cover was made for a PS1 game!