25 Apr 2012

SpyParty - A revolutionary espionage game?

Today I'll be spending a couple of words trying to present SpyParty, an indie game developed by Chris Hecker .
Even though the game is still in its paid beta stage, most of the playtesters as long as its developer claim that there isn't anything close to the kind of experience provided by this title, hopefully I'll be able to see this by myself in some days (as soon as I afford some spare cash).


So, what does this game offer?
SpyParty is an innovative multiplayer stealth game far away from the usual traps, explosions, gadgets that characterize a common spying game.
You are a spy that has to accomplish his objective wandering around a party, steal objects, talk to accomplices without making your purpose too obvious because, on the other side, the player you're challenging is waiting to kill you from the outside. So, if you're impersoning the sniper, all you have to do is to spot the enemy and shoot him to death!
Enough interested to be a beta tester? get your own copy at 15 bucks HERE!


  1. This sounds so weird, I have to find out more!

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