22 Apr 2012

Some thoughts, projects, ideas

Hello readers!
It's sunday afternoon and I've got nothing to do at all, so, I just thought that I could share what I've been thinking in the last days.

First of all, I consider my Indie Gala coverage closed! I know, I'm still missing a game and the extras as well, but, I think that I've been spending already too many time on it, plus, it feels like that the real central core of the bundle has been already covered. Will be looking forward Indie Gala 4!

Second, I really want to thank you for reading my, often ungrammatical, posts, thank you for sharing some of my work on twitter, reddit and everything else. You guys really keep me going!

And now, I would really like to make an announcement:

From today, I'll be bringing to you the FUNDING SUNDAY!
Willing to find some great games in development that are maybe in need of you to get the work done?
I'll be personally browse indiegogo.com and kickstarter.com to give you some great projects to put your money on!

Later, today, will take place the first episode of Funding Sunday! Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks man. I love indie games, and if I like the concept, love to support it!