16 Apr 2012

Indie Gala 3, Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

As soon as exams come closer it becomes harder to find some spare time to play some games. Anyway, this morning I spent some minutes to check how did Grotesque Tactics look (which was one of the bonus game in the last Indie Gala bundle). Being honest , it was a great first impression, the storyline looks gorgeous, but, everything is even cooler whent it's all surrounded by stunning graphics.

Silent Dreams

This is a German development company founded in sommer 2006, you can't really imagine how did my face look when I discovered that their leader programmer, Carsten Edenfeld, was also the senion programmer of the famous Gothich series. Silent Dreams develops on their own, or even on commission, for almost every kind of game console; even though they are generally focused on producing action-RPGs genres.
While the sequel of their main game is on its way to be done, you can always read more about them on their official website silentdreams.de.

And what about the irony?

So, Grotesque Tactics is an ironical turn based RPG game, I'm afraid that you are in need to play it in order to really get what does "ironical" means in this context.
The game resembles a Final Fantasy play-style along with hilarious components that will feature the battles where you, and the party of heroes that you've gathered along the way, will face evil minions and extremely hard dungeon bosses.
I can agree with the people saying that this is just a classic RPG, but, there are too many elements that make it distinguish between the masses even though I can't really list any evident one; Forgive me about that.

Unfortunately, Indie Gala 3 sales ended definitely yesterday but you can still get it at its full price on Steam!


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